Stephen Stead's '99 Yamaha Mountain Max 700

Nov. 01, 2005 By ORC STAFF
Mountain Max Here is what Steve has to say about his Mountain Max:

This sled is stock except for a couple of add-ons to give her some personality. I added some 5.5" yellow plastic skis, a yellow skid plate, yellow running board trim, red suspension protectors, a handle bar bag, and a custom windshield. I also added a low altitude kit and a Bender Power Pack Silencer, which definitely gives me more pull through the bottom end and midrange.

Over the summer I plan to add a Power Shift Clutch Kit from Bender Racing, and Quick Rods from Maxximum Performance. The Quick Rods should solve my weight transfer problem with the Pro-Action Plus Suspension. I may even add a couple of handle bar hooks and a mountain bar.

I ride up in the hills around Western Labrador. Labrador offers some of the most beautiful hill and trail riding in Canada. My homepage, Mountain Mayhem, will definitely give you an idea on what snowmobiling in Labrador is all about. Yamaha 700 Newsletter
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