If you’ve got a truck that is your 4-wheel pride and joy, there’s no better way to keep it protected from the elements than with one of the best truck covers in our list.

Considering truck owners spend plenty of money, time, and love on their trucks, protecting it from damage should be a number one priority, right? Whether you’ve finally purchased your dream truck, or you’re just looking to get as many miles as possible out of your faithful workhorse, you’re going to want to keep that precious investment in top shape. However, some owners seem to think that a tonneau cover is enough — and while it will protect your bed while in use or parked, a full truck cover is what you need to protect your entire vehicle when it’s not being driven.

If you keep your truck stored in the garage and only take it out to enjoy days of perfect weather or special occasions, there are lightweight options that are easy on the budget and work great to keep the dust off of your ride. For those rides exposed to the elements, you’ve got options that offer multiple layers for the ultimate in scratch / ding / dust protection. Some simply pull over your truck, using various methods to ensure they stay in place under every condition.

Regardless which style of cover you go with, some protection is better than no protection and we’ve got a great list of options for you to choose from in our hand picked selection of best truck covers.


1. Editors Choice: Covercraft Custom Weathershield HP Truck Cover

If money is no concern, but protecting your truck is, Covercraft’s WeatherShield HP Truck Cover is clearly one of the best truck covers.

If money is no concern, but protecting your truck is, Covercraft’s WeatherShield HP Truck Cover is a great, albeit expensive option. One of the highest-rated  and best outdoor truck covers on the market, this cover starts at $399 and goes up from there. Designed to custom fit your truck’s particular model, it’s also available in a variety of colors if you’re looking to add even more customized flair. The fabric holds up against all kinds of weather, making it unbeatable when it comes to the outdoor and indoor dangers facing your truck. With few cons aside from its pricing, this is one of the best truck covers money can buy.

2. Best for Indoor Storage: Duck Covers Defender Pickup Truck Cover

The Duck Covers Defender Pickup Truck Cover is one of the best truck covers for indoor storage.

For owners in need of a lightweight, simple cover to protect their truck from dust, debris, and scratching while storing indoors, Duck Covers offers the Defender Pickup Truck Cover. Available in a variety of sizes to fit everything from standard cab with short bed to crew cab with a long bed, this cover is made of a single-layer breathable material that makes it perfect for indoor storage purposes, though it is not recommended for long-term outdoor storage. A soft interior fabric prevents scratches, while the exterior keeps dust and debris away from your truck. This is the perfect option for those with a garage or carport.

3. Best for Outdoor Storage: Audew 6 Layers Truck Cover

For all-weather, all-circumstances truck coverage, the Audew 6 Layers Truck Cover is one of the best truck covers for outdoor storage.

For all-weather, all-circumstances truck coverage, the Audew 6 Layers Truck Cover is a durable, reliable pick. Highly-rated by users, this Audew cover is a universal-fit cover with multiple sizing options that will accommodate almost any truck regardless of short or long truck bed, or extended or crew cab.

As the name indicates, this outdoor truck cover is made with six layers of material to protect your truck from UV rays, water, dust, and scratches. While it is heavy-duty, it is also lightweight and breathable, with an elastic hem at the bottom and adjustable straps and buckles meant to keep the cover from blowing away on windy days. This cover’s main winning feature, however, is its anti-pooling design that prevents water from collecting in the truck bed.

4. Promoted Product: CarCovers.com Platinum Shield Truck Cover

Looking for the best truck covers? The Platinum Shield Truck Cover from CarCovers.com is a top choice.

Lightweight yet durable, the Platinum Shield Truck Cover from CarCovers.com offers high-level protection against the elements — and anything else looking to harm your precious pickup. That means not just sun damage, water, dust, and dirt, but also mold and mildew, tree sap and scratches. Made of a high-quality reflective polyester fabric, the Platinum Shield’s polyurethane coating sheds water the second it hits the cover, while the UV-reflective-silver material not only protects your truck from the sun’s rays, it also keeps it cooler in the summer months. Meanwhile, the naturally breathable synthetic material prevents rust and rot from occurring underneath.

Double-stitched seams provide defense against leaks as well as added durability, while the cover’s elastic front and rear hem ensures a snug fit. But the protection doesn’t just stop on the exterior; thanks to the Platinum Shield’s ultra-soft fleece underlining, your truck’s finish will stay perfectly preserved. After all, what’s the point of investing in a cover that’s going to scratch and scrape your truck every time you put it on and take it off?

The addition of a limited lifetime warranty makes the Platinum Shield Truck Cover from CarCovers.com a top choice. If you’re planning to store your truck in the garage when it’s not in use, the site also offers premium indoor covers as well.

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5. Motor Trend Weatherproof Custom Fit Truck Cover

A universal-fit cover won't do? The Motor Trend Weatherproof Custom Fit Truck Cover is a top option for a custom fit cover.

If a universal-fit cover just won’t cut it, Motor Trend offers its Weatherproof Custom Fit Truck Cover in a variety of sizes specific to popular models like the Ford F-150, RAM 1500, Toyota Tundra, and more.

This breathable multi-layer truck cover is a lightweight option designed to provide protection for both indoor and outdoor use. A soft interior liner prevents scratching, and its UV coated exterior holds up well against sun damage. While this cover claims to be waterproof, reviews suggest that it is only water-repellent and might leak or pool in the truck bed. Also, if you’re looking for a very snug fit, some report that this fits a bit loose. For the best fit, Motor Trend recommends folding your mirrors before applying.

6. KAKIT 6 Layers Truck Cover with Anti-Theft Lock

The KAKIT 6 Layers Truck Cove is among the best truck cover options to come with an anti-theft lock.

Another solid universal-fit option is the KAKIT 6 Layers Truck Cover with Anti-Theft Lock. Fitting trucks up to 242”, this waterproof truck cover is a basic option that will fit almost any truck, with an elastic hem that allows you to tuck it for a snugger fit. With six layers designed to protect your truck from rain, dust, and scratching, it holds up well whether indoors or outdoors. While this cover has a commonly-reported issue of water pooling in the bed if you don’t have a tonneau cover, it’s said to completely hold up against leaking. Plus, as an added bonus, the KAKIT cover comes with an anti-theft lock.

What are the benefits of a custom truck cover vs. a universal fit?

By choosing a custom fit cover you’ll have less excess material that leaves the possibility of water pooling after it rains. A more snug fit also minimizes dust/debris getting to your truck, but ultimately having some protection is far better than no protection.

How do these covers stay in place?

Just like anything else, the more you pay, you usually get some better features. On the lower price tier you’ll usually find that the covers are secured in place by using elastic around the base of the cover to hold it in place. Other methods of securing your truck covers into place are a series of buckles and straps that go under the vehicle to either side ensuring that your cover isn’t going anywhere regardless of wind conditions. You also have many truck covers that give you the ability to use a cable and lock to secure your cover in place from more than the elements.

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