Extreme off-road conditions call for extreme off-road gear, and beadlock wheels fall right into that category. Running real beadlock wheels doesn’t only make your Jeep or truck look cool, but they allow off-roaders to run lower tire air pressures for maximum traction without fear of rolling the bead of the tire off the rim. We’ve found some of the best beadlock wheels on the market, that are the perfect upgrade for your ride.

When picking a new set of wheels for your Jeep or truck, there are endless things to consider. Do they look good? What backspacing do you need? What rim size do you want to run? Finally, do you need to have a beadlock for the wheeling that you do. If you run on terrain that requires lower tire pressures for maximum traction, the answer might be yes. Beadlock wheels pinch the outer bead of the tire between the shell of the wheel and a special ring that is then bolted down to seal and secure the tire into place. This means you can now have more sidewall flex and contact patch from your tires without the fear of rolling the bead off the rim and just becoming another obstacle on the trail.

Our staff has taken their off-road knowledge to find some of the best beadlock wheels that can be the next upgrade to your Jeep or truck.


Staff Favorite - Method Race Wheels

Best Beadlock wheels method race wheelsWhen you search for beadlock wheels, don’t be surprised to Method Race Wheels at the top of the list. Their wheels are being used by some of the biggest names in motorsports by desert racers and rock crawlers alike. They’re considered to be some of the best beadlock wheels you can buy because of their quality solid aluminum A365, T6 heat treated construction, various finishes complimented by a number of design styles that give your rig a truly unique look. When you’re shopping for your wheels, be sure that you’re looking for their real beadlock wheels because they have some great looking simulated beadlock wheels at a much lower pricepoint that don’t have the same function you’re looking for in the real deal.

Dirty Life Wheels

best beadlock wheels dirty life wheelsAnother great brand that we hand picked as one of the best beadlock wheels are the Dirty Life Roadkill beadlock wheels. These wheels can be more affordable than some of the others on our list because of their one-piece cast construction, but that doesn’t mean that they’re any less capable with a load rating of 3400-pounds. Like most other brands, their real beadlock wheels come in a variety of designs, bolt patterns and offsets so you’re sure to find exactly what you need for your Jeep or truck.

KMC Wheels

best beadlock wheels kmc wheels

Another powerhouse in the off-road wheel market is KMC and their beadlock wheels are one of our favorites in this list. Available in a variety of sizes, offsets, designs and finishes, their real beadlock wheels are a favorite of off-road enthusiasts in both UTVs, Jeeps and trucks alike. As pretty as they are, you might be hesitant to take them on the dirt, but rest assured that they are tough and  can hold their own under extreme use without leaving you stranded.

Raceline Wheels

best beadlock wheels raceline wheelsAs a contender for the best beadlock wheel in the business, you can’t overlook a company like Raceline Wheels. As the official wheel of the SCORE International Off-Road Racing, and various other premier off-road racing groups, you know that their wheels have to be one of the best in the business. Their RT233 real beadlock wheels are constructed out of heavy duty A356 aluminum and feature their iconic 8-spoke design. The forged 6061 beadlock ring gets secured into place by grade 8 zinc hardware on a wheel that can be custom drilled (hub and bolt pattern) to your needs.

Black Rhino Wheels

best beadlock wheel black rhino wheels

A beadlock wheel from a manufacture you may or may not know, Black Rhino wheels are definitely worth considering as one of the best beadlock wheels available. Just like most others on this list, Black Rhino beadlock wheels are offered in a variety of designs, finishes, and bolt patterns to fit most popular Jeeps and trucks. The wheels also feature solid construction with a 3300-pound load rating making it perfect for extreme off-road use. Making these wheels even better is the 5-year warranty on structure and 2-year warranty on the finish.

Do I really need beadlock wheels?

This is  your call. Sure, some off-roaders would feel comfortable taking on obstacles like you see at King of The Hammers with a conventional wheel. BUT if you’re running a low tire pressure, you take the risk of rolling the bead off of your wheel. If you’ve never done it, trying to reseat the bead of a tire to the wheel on the trail isn’t fun. Running a beadlock wheel can prevent this from happening.

What do I look out for when shopping for a beadlock wheel?

First and foremost, make sure that you’re looking at real beadlock wheels and not a simulated beadlock. The easiest way to figure this out is by looking at the price. Most simulated beadlock wheels for Jeeps or trucks run between $150 and $300 depending on the brand. A true beadlock for automotive use usually runs over $350 per wheel. Also be sure that you’re not getting a wheel for a UTV. Once nailed down on the right wheel, look for the construction, material and finally any offered warranties.

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