A Great Experience From Day One - The ZR 120 Youth Model

Nov. 01, 2005 By ORC STAFF

A Great Experience From Day One - The ZR 120 Youth Model

ZR 120


Little 'bilers know exactly what they want: the for-kids ZR 120. Styled and built just like the big Cats, nothing else delivers that first experience quite like an Arctic Cat.

The similarities start up front with AWS V double-wishbone A-arms with hydraulic shocks and coil over spring design that mimics the big boy ZRs. Tackling their first series of mini-moguls will be accomplished by a spring-controlled rear suspension that's adjustable for varying weights and offers 4.5 inches of travel.

Under the hood, the ZR 120 sports a 120cc fan-cooled, four stroke engine that is quiet, fuel efficient with low emissions and is easy to start in all temperatures. For safe operation, the engine is governor-controlled to 8 mph. What's more, a removable key ensures that parents control when the machine is in use.

The ZR 120 has the ZR style and flair with full front and rear bumpers, and aluminum uni-body chassis so it's lightweight yet strong. Padded handlebars make every ride safe, and constant-on headlight and tail light with reflective tape on all sides of the machine give added security.

And those eye-catching graphics that caught your attention will no doubt do the same to the little ones. The 120 features the notorious ZR green hood, pan and skis and green tinted windshield splashed with graphics. A combination sure to make junior the talk of the neighborhood.

For 2004, make it a great experience from day one with a ZR 120 from Arctic Cat.

ZR 120 B Feature Highlights

Plastic Skis
Lighter weight, less friction in the snow. Flexible in all temperatures for improved ride. Virtually unbreakable.

120cc fan-cooled four stroke
Quiet. Fuel efficient with low emissions. Easy starting.

Built in Safety Features
Governor-controlled to 8 mph. Constant-on headlight and tail lights. Reflective tape. Whip flag for visibility.

Spring Controlled Rear Suspension
Adjustable to match varying weights.

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