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T-shirt Sales Benefit Blair Morgan

Oct. 15, 2008 By Press Release
by Ashlee Painchaud. Ok everyone, we all know Blair Morgan, and we all have been touched in some way by the unimagineable injury he sustained after a crash in Montreal September 20,2008.
Blair Morgan is the name of Snocross.  He truely affected and inspired millions of riders, competitors, team mates and everyone in the industry and changed the face of the sport.  He is the greatest legend in Canadian motocross and has a world wide fan base in both sports.  Blair Morgan has a global impact on almost everyone who watches, listens, reads or takes part in these sports.  Racing happens to be one of the most respectfully challenging, rewarding and inspiring competitions in the world.
For all of us, Blair has been the image of strength, talent, passion, dedication... and most of all inspiration
This is our way to give back to Blair what he has given us for so many years, to return the inspiration he has given to us, and inspire him to get better.
Chad Harris of HCP designs and I are creating a tribute to Blair Morgan called "Operation Inspiration".  We are in the middle of creating a design in honor of Blair and Pro helmet painter Chad Harris will be donating his time to paint a personal helmet for every Pro Racer who will be on the line at Duluth with a color and theme 100% dedicated to Blair Morgan.  We want to make an impact at the first round this year, so we ask every team owner, and racer to please be a part of this operation to give back to Blair. 
Since everyone can't wear a helmet, the helmets are going to be backed by a T-shirt of similar design, color and theme. We will be having thousands made up and a website to purchase them on.  We have spoken with ISOC and will be selling them at Duluth with proceeds going to Blair and his family as well.  The colors for the helmets and t-shirts are chosen as Black, Blue and White and the theme word being "Inspiration".  The back of the helmet's will feature a large orange 7C in Blair's honor.  After Duluth we will ask all of the racer's to sign one or more of the helmet's and they will be auctioned off on the website.  All of the proceeds will be goig to Blair and his family in this hard time. 


Tons of people are volunteering and donating to show their support right now so we ask that everyone jumps on board to make this happen! 
Transworld, Racer X and MXP have agreed to advertise "Operation Inspiration" in the next print of magazines. We are contacting additional media.
We are asking from the bottom of our hearts for any companies or individuals who want to sponsor to please help out at this time. Our goal is to help cover purchasing and creating the shirts, paint for the helmets and so on.   We will put your name or company on the website and magazine adds as advertisement, in gratitude for your support  if we receive your donation commitment on time. All money will go to Blair Morgan Family Trust. Questions regarding sponsorship to [email protected] will be forwarded to Ashlee.


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