A Shopping List To Get You Started

Nov. 01, 2005 By ORC STAFF

These are the minimum items that I recommend to anyone wanting to get into the asphalt racing.

Asphalt track. (Need to have) Currently Camoplast is the only approved track mfg. They have 2 models, hard (60 durometer) and soft (40 durometer) rubber. List price for the tracks are about $450. These tracks have no windows. They are solid rubber tracks, just like a big slick. These tracks are directional. They have arrows molded into the side of the track showing the direction of rotation. Please install the track in the proper direction otherwise it may de-laminate during use.

Wheels on your skis. (Need to have) If you?re handy with tools and can do simple fabrication you can make mounts and install idler wheels on your skis. If you have the budget you can purchase skis from any number of after market manufacturers. I use a pair of skis made by Whal Bros. Racing. List price $325. USI, Hot To Go Racing and other make asphalt specific skis, all are $350 and up.

Additional idler wheels: (need to have) installed in your skid to support the track. You must remove your hyfax. Costs all depend on your type of sled and how many wheels you want to add. The more you can add between the rails the better. Figure on $300- $500 for suspension parts.

If you run a modified engine you will need a clutch guard that covers the clutches.

The one I have was made from .125" aluminum. You?ll have to fabricate one. The only place that I?ve seen any pre-made are in the D&D catalog for certain Arctic Cat models. Figure $50-$75 if you have to pay someone to make one.

Cool cart: (need to have) to cool your engine after each pass down the track. This is commonly accomplished by using a large cooler, a bilge pump, a motorcycle battery, ?" garden hose, and some garden hose quick connects. Figure on $100 - $150 worth of parts to make this up. Note that you can only run water in your cooling system. Use of Antifreeze is prohibited.

RacePak Avenager III from Exhaust Gas Technologies (nice to have) data collection system with engine RPM, jackshaft RPM, EGT bullet probes, Water temperature sensor, remote record/display button. Budget $800-$900 depending on what options you get with this.

A dyno run (nice to have) on your engine to find the peak hp RPM. This will be valuable when it comes time to tune your clutches. Estimated cost: $100-$300 depends on where you go and how extensive your testing is.

Snell 90 helmet, leather jacket, leather gloves, leather boots. (these are all required by NHRA) Note: if your sled runs faster than 120 mph or quicker than 9.90 seconds, you?ll need a full leather suit like the motorcycle drag racers wear. Estimated costs: $500.

NHRA Membership: $50. I consider this a must have. Membership provides you with additional medical coverage in the event you are injured at an NHRA sanctioned track. You do not have to join NHRA to bracket race.

Tools! You?ll need clutch tools, plus all standard tools to work on your sled. Estimate up to $300 for specialized tools, including a clean out stand to support the rear of the sled.

Repeating costs on race day. Track admission and race entry fee: $30-$40, depends on where you race. Food, drink, $$ depends on how hungry you are.

Consumables: gas, oil, Scotchbrite pads, acetone, rags, spark plugs. You?ll need an inventory of these items at every race.

Creature comforts: a couple of lawn chairs for those long waits between rounds. A portable awning to keep your brain from boiling in the open sun all day long. If you race at a track that has night races and the track does not provide lighting in the pit area you?ll have to have a generator and some portable lighting. $$ based on your local pricing.

Web sites: sl.rconcepts.com You?ll want to visit this site. It is a web site about bracket racing, maintained by a bracket racer. There is even a practice tree you can hit on all you want at www.rconcepts.com/beard/sl/holeshot/index.htm as well as complete guide to the ins and outs of bracket racing at sl.rconcepts.com/guide/ET.html.

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