Project Viper!

Nov. 01, 2002 By Matthew Baynard
 The red Viper ER in stock form before we turned her into a fire breathing Bender 835 Big Bore red head with a temper.
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The blue Viper in stock form before she was turned into a Devil with a Blue Dress.
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Project Viper!

There is no doubt that the 2002 Yamaha Viper and Viper ER have been the topic of conversation at the trail heads, the shop, the bars, and the parking lots. Yamaha pulled out all the stops with their new sleds dressed in blue and red. There is also no doubt that these beauties are aimed squarely at the trail riders that want gobs of horsepower and torque, killer suspensions front and rear, and the looks to stand out from the crowd. Yamaha has delivered on all accounts and has broken new ground in many areas with the new Viper. The "What's New" will go into greater detail.



The Project Plan


The Viper Review
The Project Viper articles will cover the Viper's in their stock form where we'll tell you what we think of the basic platform. We'll talk about the standard features and what makes them so amazing. After we've gone over the entire snowmobile, we'll get into the good stuff - MODIFICATIONS for more power, better handling and improved looks. Making them look better will be hard, but I think with the help of Yamaha accessories and a few aftermarket extras, we can do it.


From month to month, you can follow via the column on the left the various stages we've taken in building our ultimate Vipers. We've actually acquired two, so we can build two slightly different flavors of power, speed, and suspension. We'll only be selecting the best for our Yamahas and you can rest assured that if you build one like ours, you'll be more than satisfied.


A word about our sponsors


The companies that are working with and are doing so because they see the value in show casing a product via the Internet to an enthusiast operated site designed for enthusiasts. We are unique in that our project sleds and test gear won't sit in a garage - they'll be out on the trails with local clubs for poker runs, charity events, and racing. You might even get the chance to ride one of the sleds if you see us out and about. If you see us on the trails, you can bet that what we are riding or wearing will be written about in the future. If we like it, we'll use it again; if not, you'll know about it and it'll never be seen again on or with us.


These sponsors below have also been selected for one simple reason, they're the best at what they do. Many aftermarket companies will be making pipes, clutches, and everything else under the sun for the Viper, but not all are created equal. I would recommend the ones we've selected to anyone and feel comfortable about that recommendation. Choose companies carefully that you plan to patronize. I would recommend you visits the ones we have for this feature and build your own ultimate Viper like ours. Bender Racing, Woody's, and A.D. Boivin are a few of the best companies supporting our sport year in and year out, you should support them like we do.

So follow the articles and join along as we build the ultimate Viper.

Contact the author of the Viper project. Section Editor, Matthew Baynard

Our project sponsors.

Click here to see the 2002 Viper's being built on the Yamaha production line in Iwata Japan.

700 rue Jean Marchand
Levis, QC, Canada G6V 9G6
Tel:(418) 838-3783 Fax:(418) 838-3957
[email protected]


2119 N. 15th St
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Tel: (716) 941-5010 Fax: (716) 941-5990


6054 N. State Rt. 30
Hope. Michigan 48628
Tel: (517) 689-4911 Fax: (418) 838-3957
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If you would like to participate with our other project sponsors, contact the author.


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