Indy Project Sled - Installing a Tether

Nov. 01, 2005 By ORC STAFF


Tether Switch

Cost: $45 (US)
Risks: Minor
Benefits: Improved safety
Tools Required: Sockets/wrenches
Parts Required: Tether switch, tether, mounting bracket
Mechanical Skill Required: Average "shade-tree" mechanical skills

Every sled I've owned since my 1980 Ski Doo Blizzard 9500 has had a tether switch . . . except my 1990 Indy 500. I don't know why Polaris does not put them on all their sleds, it's cheap and easy. Maybe they've decided that most people don't use them anyway, which I'd have to agree with.

Be that as it may, I do use mine. I've heard too many horror stories of runaway sleds with frozen throttles. You can get everything you need to put a tether on an older Indy from Polaris for about $45, which includes the switch, tether and mounting bracket along with detailed instructions on how to connect the switch. The instructions are very good and for that reason alone I recommend buying the switch from Polaris rather than an aftermarket unit. It covers older Indys as well and I found the instructions to be correct, which is a welcomed change from many aftermarket products I've purchased.

The tether switch bracket mounts to the steering hoop and steering post where the two cross. It is a small steel plate with two mounting holes, one for a tether switch and one for???? The second hole is the perfect place for the warmer switch. Putting a tether bracket on an older Indy is as easy as removing two bolts, putting the bracket on and bolting it in place.

The tether switch bolts onto the bracket quickly, although it's easier to work there if you remove the handlebar pad first. Once the switch is on the bracket, run the wires down the steering hoop, fitting them in the wiring channel if you can. Then the connector on the end connects to the ignition switch, per the instructions and you're all set. It's as simple as that.

If you are one of those people who hooks the tether back to itself while riding, you're probably scratching your head wondering why I'd spend the time and money on this mod, but if you're like me and you don't want your sled running away from you if the throttle freezes wide open and running into someone's garage or a tree or heaven forbid, another sled, this is a quick and easy mod for an older Indy that is IMO, well worth the money. Newsletter
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