Kirk Anzai's '92 Yamaha V-Max 4 and '93 V-Max 4 Turbo

Nov. 01, 2005 By ORC STAFF
V-Max 4s Everywhere! Kirk Anzai from Ontario Canada sent us these pictures along with a little info about each sled. Starting with the '92 V-Max:

Has an 800cc with shaved heads, thicker base, windowed pistons 19mm, stage 2 porting, quad PSI pipes, and 250 push throughs. (In this picture I still have my twin PSI pipes on.)

Moving on to the '93:

Running 7, 9, 11 lbs boost, quad EGT's, fuel/boost/water temp gauges, 300 picks & chisels, and the suspension is strapped & redrilled. Turbo This mill puts out arm straightening torque and horsepower!

If you would like to discuss V-Max 4s or turbos, drop Kirk and e-mail at Newsletter
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