Mike Weatherby's 86 Polaris Indy 600LE

Nov. 01, 2005 By ORC STAFF
Indy Mike Weatherby sent us a couple of pictures of his 86 Polaris Indy 600 LE. Polaris didn't make many of these machines, so Mike feels pretty lucky to have one. The sled started out as a standard 600 Indy, but Polaris added some sparkle to it with chromed trailing arms, bumpers, skis, and other miscellaneous parts. Mike is sorry to say his sled isn't completely original. Well, maybe not too sorry...... His has a 1992 Polaris 650 triple in it which has been ported and polished; the two piece crank welded, ground and re-balanced; big 44 carbs have been added; along with the red-head and PSI triple header pipes. If you run up against Mike and his Indy out on a lake, make sure you have the right equipment or it might prove an embarrassing time......... LE

Mike lives in Alma, Michigan, and he and his family ride in northern MI, and the U.P. One of their favorite stops is the Big Buck Inn in Gaylord, and the Buckhorn Resort near Marqette. He says both are located in "rider friendly" areas. Mike's wife rides an '88 Arctic Cat Cougar long track and his oldest daughter rides an El-Tigre 340. The Weatherby's hopes to see more families out on the trails enjoying themselves this season.

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