Todd Mueller's '93 Yamaha V-Max 4

Nov. 01, 2005 By ORC STAFF
V-Max 4 Todd Mueller from Minnesota writes:
"Here are a couple of scans of my latest project. This is a flawless '93 V-Max 4 that we converted into a 230 h.p. turbo-charged monster. Chassis mods include: 2" TSS lowering kit, rear suspension lowered 3", Camoplast speed track, Hi-speed bogie Yamaha bearings with synthetic lubricant, Carbon fiber lightweight hood, Digitron 4-EGT/TACH, and dedicated boost & fuel pressure gauges. Under the hood is an Aerodyne turbo charger and 2 years of hard work, (& more R & D money than I care to admit), but she runs as smooth as silk now and the Stalker says it was worth it with 1/3 mile runs approaching 140 mph @ 14 pounds of boost. You should see the looks I get from T-Cat riders; (I like to wave at 'em as I fly past!) We have just begun work on an even bigger project and I may need to sell this baby to pay for it's successor, so if anyone is interested in going this fast please Mail me at:" Newsletter
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