Phil Moore's '94 Ski Doo Mach Z

Nov. 01, 2005 By ORC STAFF

Phil Moore from New Brunswick, Canada writes:

Mach ZNothing on my sled is the way it came from the factory in '94, and I have done all the work myself. I put 30? foot rests on the sled in '95, before the factory did in '96 on the "F-2000" chassis. In the pictures you may not be able to see everything, but the skid frame, wheels, front suspension components, foot rests and all components in the engine compartment, right down to the clutches, are polished and they look just like chrome. My clutch guard can be used as a mirror - (no BS).

Polished Engine Compartment I was very disappointed with my snowmobile when I got it but not now. My daughter shown here is my biggest fan and supporter. Newsletter
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