Brian Jochman's '95 Polaris XCR 600

Nov. 01, 2005 By ORC STAFF
Here is a picture of Brian Jochman working on his technique at his super secret snowcross track. His XCR was equipped with a set of PSI triple pipes, a Hot Seat clutch kit, 120 Woody's studs, and 8" Woody's carbides. (We say "was" because he has recently upgraded to a '98 Arctic Cat ZR 600.) Brian lives in Appleton, Wisconsin and likes to ride locally or in the Lakewood and Pickerel areas of northern Wisconsin. Like the rest of us, he chases the snow, and in this year of "El Nino", it has been a trying experience. If you live in the Appleton area and are interested in racing snowcross, get in touch with Brian at Sounds like he is looking for some competition........ Newsletter
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