FLASH! Malinoski Signs with Boss Racing

May. 01, 2006 By ORC STAFF
by J.S. Decker

  Robbie Malinoski, the top snocross racer on the continent, has signed with Boss Racing, according to the team owner.

 "It's not really official yet," said Garry Querel, "But word is getting out. Can't stop the word from getting out. Everybody knows
he's moving, and we're definitely looking forward to getting him on board."

As Malinoski came closer to his feat of winning both the Pro Open and Pro Stock classes of the WPSA, speculation rose that he would be leaving his longtime team, Olah Racing. Moments after he clinched the Pro Open points championship at Lake Geneva, Wis., a reporter from ESPN 2 dropped the last question of that March 19 interview. "I know you're not supposed to say," the reporter said, "But which team will you be with next year?"

"No comment," was all Malinoski would say.

But on Thursday Querel was beaming with the news. "It's big news for us," he said, "He's a good kid. He lives not far from Winnipeg," which is the base of Boss Racing. "We think he's going to be the number one star, or we're hoping." As to how he lured the most sought-after racer, Querel said, "I think its' a package they're looking for. Everything revolves around money, but I think that's a small part of it." Seniority in the bunkhouse of the team trailer wasn't a part of it, he added. "We've all got the big trailers. Maybe how many people in the trailer, you know? Some guys want to get on the smaller team, some guys want to get on the bigger team. But I think mainly it's the ability to go and win, and we can."

Querel thinks his operation can get better parts and better mechanics working on the machine under Malinoski. He'll be switching to Polaris from Arctic Cat, and his sled will be maintained under the eye of Boss's top mechanic George Gorden. "I also hired a tuner that raced for him when he first raced for Olah," said Malinoski. "So he's pretty comfortable with his tuner right now.

Malinoski is the only racer on the small team, but he may soon be showing the ropes to a short roster. "As far as  other riders, we're still undecided yet," said Querel. Just one more. Might be a pro and a semi-pro. Maybe two more," he said. "I had Robbie in mind two years ago. He was my choice from the start."

Querel entered the snocross business two years ago after he retired from a successful career as an oval and drag racing champ.

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