Extreme Motorsports Expo

May. 14, 2004 By Off-Road.com
Orange County Fairgrounds and Expo Center - Costa Mesa, CA
Extreme Motorsports Expo

 The idea behind this expo was that most guys that are into extreme motorsports of any kind, are usually into a few others as well.  Why not have an expo for all the extreme sports that burn gas or something close to it?  It?s a gear-head?s dream show.  The show itself had a rather relaxed and spacious feel to it, due to the huge facilities provided by the Orange County Fairgrounds in Costa Mesa, California.  There was plenty of food and drinks to be had, and there was even free parking.  What more could you ask for?  How about tons of exhibits for everything from wild custom chopper bikes and sand rails, to extreme rock crawling tube buggies, and huge show trucks?  Many different parts wholesalers were unloading inventory like it was Christmas and even a big name automaker decided to show.

Dodge has taken the time to develop some very nice motors in their new model trucks and cars.  Everything from the wicked motor in this Viper to the Hemi in the new truck line earns Dodge a place at this show.  Sure enough, it's pretty rare that any of the big name automakers decide to set up a booth for an event covering the off-road world, but Dodge actually made it out with several mega motor rigs.

The Rhino RTV or Rough Terrain Vehicle

Wonderful!  By far the most-impressive display at the show!   Another booth at the show with a big buzz around it was the ?Rhino? RTV (Rough Terrain Vehicle) booth.  These nifty little tube buggies do it all, from rock crawling to high speed trail runs.  These little buggies are equipped with a 4-cylinder Honda engine from the CRV along with Ford 9? axles and 37? tires.  These guy?s Rhino Off-Road industries also get a hand for the impressive blow-up Rhino.


Sand Rails Unlimited made it out with the Home Depot orange Sand Rail

One of the world?s most-famous Monster Trucks was here too -
Grave Digger

This Rubicon was equipped with the ORO AiRock  suspension system, along with a few other goodies

Here?s the compressor used by ORO to run the AiRock suspension system on one of Xtreme Unlimited?s Rubicons

Xtreme Unlimited Off Road Fab also had a display with a few different Wranglers equipped with their AiRock suspension set ups.  I even got a small video clip of this wild suspension in action .

This show had everything extreme, even oval track cars

The California Speedway even brought out the MnM NASCAR ride!  Told you this show had anything and everything!  Take a few minutes and check out our photo gallery for more pictures from Off-Road.com?s coverage of the Extreme Motorsports Expo 2004!  

Also on hand was a brand new Jeep TJ Unlimited already built for some pretty rocky trails

Did I mention there were just a few insanely huge show trucks here too?

This monster comes to you from House of Tints which had a display with some wild tint jobs inside one of the buildings.

This nice ride comes courtesy of Outlaw Offroad

A very clean Nissan build-up from Performance Center


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