Carl Renezeder Sweeps Round 2 of the Lucas Oil Off-Road Series

Mar. 18, 2013 By Josh Burns
RJ Anderson was able to avenge his tough day at round one by earning the round-two victory.

At the opening round of the 2013 Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series, Carl Renezeder earned one victory in Pro 4 and second place in Pro 2. Just a day later at round two, Renezeder bettered his finishes the only way he could – by earning first place in both classes.

Carl Renezeder and Marty Hart battled during the final race of the weekend in Pro2. Renezeder was able to finally get past Hart to earn the win a day after Hart bested him in the class.

The crowd again packed the stands for Sunday’s round two action at Firebird Raceway in Chandler, Arizona. The racing was intense again for the final race of the weekend, and aggressive driving forced more than a few caution flags to slow the action, the most notable caution being when Todd LeDuc and Josh Merrell got tangled and Merrell’s truck flipped multiple times in Pro 4 (he was taken to the hospital for precaution).

Lucas Oil Rounds 1&2 Photos

Round 1 Action from Firebird

Geoffrey Cooley took a few creative lines en route to his Pro Buggy victory.

In Pro Buggy, Geoffrey Cooley earned a hard-fought victory, improving upon his second-place finish from the day before. In Pro Lite, RJ Anderson was able to put his rough round one behind him to earn the win.

For more on round one action, check out our coverage here. For more info on the LOORRS Series, visit

Marty Hart had to settle for second in Pro 2, but a 1-2 weekend proved the veteran will be a force to be reckoned with throughout the season.

Carl Renezeder swept round two at Firebird Raceway, holding off second-place finisher Todd LeDuc in Pro 4 during the race.

Eric Barron just missed his second podium of the weekend in Pro 4 with a fourth-place finish.

Lucas Oil Rounds 1&2 Photos

Round 1 Action from Firebird

2013 Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Round 2 Results

Pro 4
1. Carl Renezeder
2. Todd LeDuc
3. Rob MacCachren
4. Eric Barron
5. Jerry Daugherty

Pro 2
1. Carl Renezeder
2. Marty Hart
3. Jeff Geiser
4. Greg Adler
5. Jeremy McGrath

Pro Lite
1. RJ Anderson
2. Sheldon Creed
3. Brian Deegan
4. Noah Fouch
5. Casey Currie

Pro Buggy
1. Geoffrey Cooley
2. Steven Greinke
3. Dave Mason
4. John Fitzgerald
5. Bradley Morris

Modified Kart
1. Travis Pecoy
2. Brock Heger
3. Cole Mamer
4. Jeff Hoffman
5. Gavin Harlien

JR 1 Kart
1. Kali Kinsman
2. Blaze Nunley
3. Madix Bailey
4. Mason Prater
5. Ricky Gutierrez

JR 2 Kart
1. Parker Porter
2. Hayden Cling
3. Broc Dickerson
4. Ryan Carey
5. Halie Deegan Newsletter
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