2013 Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series Kicks off in Arizona

Mar. 17, 2013 By Josh Burns
Carl Renezeder earned the win in Pro 4 after taking advantage of Kyle LeDuc’s electrical issues to earn the first win of the season. He followed it up with a second-place finish in Pro 2.

The Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series kicked off its 2013 season at Firebird Raceway today to sunshine and nearly perfect weather. As usual at Firebird, the stands were packed with excited fans, and the racers were ready to put on a show.

Of course the Rockstar Energy girls were on hand to pass out goodies to the crowd.

Lucas Oil made some updates to the series this year, as Super Lite and Limited Buggy no longer run at the main races (they have been moved to the regional races). A few on-track rules have adjust as well, as the yellow-flag caution laps no longer count as “raced” laps, meaning that every lap of the race will be … raced.

Bradley Morris had a solid day at Firebird, earning the win in Pro Buggy and finishing in second in Pro Lite.

Kyle LeDuc was slowed with electrical issues toward the end of the race but he held on to finish second in Pro 4. He celebrated his podium and fast-lap award with his son Reed.

There was a plenty of door-banging action on tap for today’s round one action, but be sure to check back for coverage of round two tomorrow.

Lucas Oil Round 1 Photo Highlights

Marty Hart put on an impressive performance to earn the victory in Pro 2.

Brian Deegan held off the other 26 trucks in the massive 27-truck field in Pro Lite.

Round 1 Results
Pro 4
1. Carl Renezeder
2. Kyle LeDuc
3. Eric Barron
4. Greg Adler
5. Corry Weller

Pro 2
1. Marty Hart
2. Carl Renezeder
3. Rob MacCachren
4. Brian Deegan
5. Rodrigo Ampudia

Pro Lite
1. Brian Deegan
2. Bradley Morris
3. Casey Currie
4. Trenton Briley
5. Eric Hunter

Pro Buggy
1. Bradley Morris
2. Geoffrey Cooley
3. Dave Mason
4. Larry Job
5. John Fitzgerald

JR 1
1. Ray Roben
2. Blaze Nunley
3. Daely Pentico
4. Kali Kinsman
5. Bear Nunley

JR 2
1. Hayden Cling
2. Parker Porter
3. Parker Steele
4. Broc Dickerson
5. Halie Deegan

Modified Kart
1. Cole Mamer
2. Brock Heger
3. Myles Cheek
4. Isabella Naughton
5. Jeff Hoffman

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