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Sep. 01, 2003 By Tim ""Desertbull""
SEPTEMBER 2003 - August was a slow event month for the ORC Dodge Ram truck, however, we were still able to get out and put 5000 miles on the truck. We experienced our first break down, which was the trac-bar on the front steering linkage. We were stuck in Salt Lake City and the crew from Factory Tubular Motorsports arrived and built a trophy truck trac bar using a huge heim joint. Thanks to Matt Woolley and the entire crew at Factory Tubular Motorsports for getting us back on the road. But let's get down to business and get to some of the emails we received this month.

Wayne Brewin ( MOPAR NUT ) asked:
Hi, I have a 98 dodge ram 1500 4x4,360, auto, quadcab, shortbed. Its has the tow package, with the lock up torque converter.I bought it new and from day 1, i never cared for how the tranny shifts( to soft, not firm enough). I know a programmer can make the tranny shift better, but is there a shift kit out there that can work with the computer & the lock converter. I like to hear any suggestions you might have.

Desertbull says: Visit for the latest in technology. They have perfected it to the extreme.

Beavers91 (Kevin) said: Hi there! I have a 99 Ram 1500 Quad Cab 4x4 and I want better stopping power. I have drums in the rear but do they make disk brakes for the rear? Could you please point me in the right direction? Thanks for your time.

Desertbull says: Contact Glenn at EGR Severe Service Brakes. Visit their website at They offer a complete series of aftermarket high performance brakes parts and conversions for all Dodges. Glenn is the King of Brakes.

David Gonzales asked: HI have a 2002 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 quad cab with the new IFS system up front.(8.2) Does anyone have lower gears for this new system? I want to place a lift on my truck but no one has gears lower than 3.92 which everyone tells me are not low enough to run since I want to run 37" tires on a 6" lift. Can you help?

Desertbull says: The crew at Randy's Ring & Pinion are the foremost experts in gears nationwide. Visit them at for the application your looking for. You can lift that truck and go high into the sky to make those 37's fit your machine.

Stroker93inch (Ray) asked: HI have a 1999 Dodge 4X4 3500 series one ton dually. Are there any cross drilled front brake rotors made for this type of truck?

Desertbull says: Contact Glenn at EGR Severe Service Brakes. Visit their website at They offer a complete series of aftermarket high performance brakes parts and conversions for all Dodges. Glenn is the King of Brakes. Also read the WAM Deserttank issues from last year and we completely detail the performance of the cross-drilled rotars.

Lou Beckwith says: What is your impression of the machined steel wheel adapters that convert the eight bolt pattern to a ten bolt pattern which enables you to use 22.5 inch wheels?

Desertbull says: Ummmm, 22.5 inch wheels? You're not turning a Dodge Ram into a disco truck are you? Us Mopar fanatics tend to want to leave that "stuff" to those in the Ford and Chevy world. Or perhaps you're putting on some street wheels. Nonetheless, steel wheel adapters are "just okay." I don't personally like them because we rage in the dirt and "stuff" can happen. Be aware!

T-Rex Engineering checks out the installation.

1Lt Justin Hohn USAF asked: WHI there! I have an '02 Ram 2500 with the Cummins HO and the 6-speed. How
best can I increase off-road capability without lifting the truck much, ifat all? The stock suspension (all heavy duty options) is VERY stiff, and mywheel travel is almost nill on most bumps. The stock lift blocks on therear axle cause killer axle wrap-- do I need to call National Spring?

Desertbull says: Nah, not National Spring! What you need is all about TREX Engineering. Visit them at They have just come out with the latest in Dodge suspension technology. If you want to go fast and fly through the air, T-Rex Engineering is the only way to go. We recently took our first test in the Desert Tank and we raged the Baja Peninsula at 60 miles per hour in the dirt flying cattle guards. More to follow...

Scott Williams says: I have a 96 Ford ranger extended cab, i am wondering what would be the cheapest way to lift the truck, i have +2 coil springs in the front (previous owner install) and am running 265/75r15 but i want to run 285s or a set of 32s, would coil spacers and lift blocks be the best, and cheapest way to lift my truck? if not, what would, thanks for any help you give, i really like your articles.

Desertbull responds: Hey Scott, are you lost? We are all about MOPAR here. You need to get hooked up with those boys over there at the FORD know, Fix Or Repair Daily boys. Also known as Baja Superman and his crew....Our solution to your problem is this....junk that Ford and buy a Dodge.


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