Safety Seal Plug Review

Mar. 01, 2000 By Chris Geiger
Most 4wheelers will have a tire damaged on the trail sooner or later. This is especially true when rock crawling. Sharp rocks can cut tires open with ease. Over the years I have sliced open several tires on the trails. I have always feared loosing more than one tire on the trail and not having a second spare. For this reason I have carried tire patch kit to act as a backup in-case I need more than one spare tire.

Over the years I have purchased a number of different patch kits and have used them several times to patch tires ripped open by trail and street damage. On pavement the most common type of puncture is a nail or screw in the tread. Some people prefer to patch this type of hole from the inside but I have never had a plug type come out. Plug type repairs are designed to be a permanent repair when used to patch small holes in the tread.

That's fine for the street but what about off-road? Well plug type repair kits have become famous on the trails for quick repairs of sliced open side walls. It should be noted that the plug kit is designed and recommended only for use in the tread type repairs. If a plug repair were to work it's way out of the side wall the tire would loose all of it's air in a very short time.

Of the best plug kits I have seen and used over the years is the Safety Seal kit. It's most significant feature is the special insertion tool. This tool has a sleeve on it that allows you to insert the plug with out pulling the plug back out when removing the tool. Other, less expensive kits do not have this sleeve and it can be difficult to remove the insertion tool without pulling the plug out too.

Using the kit

The Safety Seal kit comes with 30 or 60 plugs (depending on kit purchased), reamer tool, reamer lube, insertion tool, extra needle, extra screw, allen wrench to change needle and two, one sided razors to trim off excess. To use the kit you insert the reamer tool to clean out the hole. Next you thread a plug into the insertion needle. Now insert the plug into the hole. Slide the insertion sleeve down so that it is up against the tire. Now while holding the sleeve with one hand, pull the tool out with the other. The sleeve does a wonderful job of keeping the plug in the hole as you remove the tool. For larger holes it may be necessary to use more than one plug. Once the hole is filled the excess should be cut off to prevent the plug from pulling out.

While the this type of repair can be considered permanent for fixing small holes in the tread of the tire, it should be considered just a temporary fix if used in the side wall of a tire. Sidewall damaged tires should be replaced as soon as you return to civilization. I personally feel a tire plug kit is a must have for serious trail riding, and this is the best kit I have found.

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