HUMMER Section: Surplus Military HMMWVs

Apr. 01, 2002 By ORC STAFF
Probably one of the most common questions is how one can buy a surplus military HMMWV in the US. The short answer is that you cannot. Two things can happen to surplus vehicles. They can be returned to AM General or "destroyed". The current laws require military vehicles like the HMMWV to have the frames cut, bodies crushed, etc. You can find pieces around but you should not find any whole trucks. If you do, the government can seize them.

Now the long answer is that it is possible to find some. As mentioned above, an unmolested HMMWV is illegal and can be seized so be careful. The second option is to build (or purchase a built one) from scrap pieces. The frames can be welded together and pieces gathered together. The last price I saw for a vehicle like this was within a few thousand of a used HUMMER so...

Be sure that you can get a title for the vehicle and prove the salvage. Some states may or may not allow registration of the vehicle. Check your local laws. Note that the military trucks are not DOT approved so might never be street legal.

I know it stinks. It would be great to have a surplus truck if they could be had for a reasonable price. Newsletter
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