Galpin Auto Sports Builds Ford F-250 Tonka T-Rex

Jun. 28, 2013 By Josh Burns

Talk about making a child’s dream become reality. This unique 2012 Ford F-250 is a life-sized version of a Tonka T-Rex truck. In a partnership between Tonka toys maker Funrise Toys and Galpin Auto Sports , and a number of aftermarket companies, the Funrise Toys 2012 Ford F-250 Tonka T-Rex went from concept to real-life monster truck!

The Tonka T-Rex obviously gets its name mainly due to its massive size and dominating appearance. The truck started as a stock 2012 Ford Powerstroke diesel F-250 before undergoing massive updates performed by the Galpin Auto Sport (GAS) crew in Southern California.

A number of customized parts are found on the Tonka T-Rex, including the vehicle-specific vinyl graphics. Galpin Auto Sports worked on installing parts and performing fabrication on the truck to make it all come to life. Custom Tonka branded grill and blackout badging is found on the T-Rex, as well as Bushwacker pocket-style fender flares provide more clearance for the customized Tonka wheels fitted with Toyo Open Country tires.

Line-X black bed liner is used to accent the T-Rex all over, including the fender flares, inside the fender wells, in the bed, on the bumpers and on the running boards. The Kelderman air suspension system helps gives the Tonka truck its monster stance, and everyone will hear the T-Rex coming with the addition of the big rig pull horn. The GAS crew also installed custom yellow and black painted tool kit and mounting rack in the truck bed.

“We were really excited to take on this project,” said GAS General Manager Steve McCord. “You couldn’t get a more fundamentally ‘feel-good’ iconic brand than Tonka. It was really a dream come true for us to build a vehicle that makes children’s dreams come to life.”

Inside the T-Rex, GAS installed an antitheft system and JL and Kenwood audio and video components throughout the truck.  Katzkin leather in yellow and black coloring, complete with Tonka logos, also accents the unique interior of the T-Rex.

“We picked Galpin Auto Sports because of their long history of customizing and special projects,” said Kathy Hawk, Senior Director of Marketing for Funrise Toys. “GAS has done great work on other vehicles and we felt they had the industry expertise and imagination to bring this one-of-a-kind Tonka truck to life. Besides they are a great group of guys to work with”

Funrise Toys says the Tonka T-Rex will not only be used as a marketing platform but it will also serve as a charity fundraiser vehicle, as it will be used for holiday toy drives and family events across the country. Chances are you’ll probably see the vehicle at off-road events throughout the year as well.

The vehicle will also be made into smaller, kid-sized Tonka toy trucks in the fall of 2014 according to Funrise Toys. For a full list of events and to find the Tonka T-Rex in your area, visit the Facebook page for Tonka at Newsletter
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