Bushwhacker Fender Flares for your Isuzu

Nov. 01, 2005 By Louie Ferraro


Bushwacker Fender Flares work as good as they look, deflecting most of the mud, snow, gravel and rain that is kicked up by larger tires. They also keep wider tire and wheel combinations legally covered, and keep winter season salt spray to a minimum. Bushwacker Fender Flares fit the body lines of the truck and look like a factory fit, even around the fuel tank door on the pickup and rear passenger doors on the Isuzu Rodeo / Honda Passport and Isuzu Trooper.


Bushwacker Fender Flares are sold only in sets of four and ship via UPS. Part numbers are as follows; Pickup 72-80 #41900-01, Pickup 81-87 #41901-01, Pickup 88-96 #91902-01, Rodeo 91-97 #91901-11, Trooper 88-91 #91900-11, Trooper 92-98 #91903-11 and Honda Passport 94-97 #91901-11. Suffix -01 stands for glossy finish and suffix -11 stands for matte finish (Troopers and Rodeo-matte/Pickup glossy).

Right out of the box, these flares have a great looking glossy black or matte finish. They are constructed of Dura-flex thermoplastic, which remains flexible and stands up to tough off road driving. Packaged with the flares are black rubber seals that slip over the outside edge of the flare and are sandwiched between the fender and the flare. These rubber seals prevent water from entering the inside of the flare. The glossy black or matte finish of the flare and the black rubber seal looks good unpainted but can be painted any color you desire. The flares extend out from the body about two and one half inches with no interference from 31 or 32 inch tires mounted to the 15x7 stock aluminum wheels. In my opinion, any off road flexing of the suspension with 32 inch tires will require a lift kit to avoid tire/flare contact. Stock 31 inch tires or smaller with no lift kit seem to be fine.


The fender flares attach to the truck very easily and only take a few hours to install. It may take slightly longer if your truck has LS rocker panel chrome trim. The chrome will need to be trimmed back to make room for the flares.

One concern with the installation was drilling of holes in the truck for the supplied pop-rivets. Bushwacker instructs you to drill holes through the fender flares and through the truck's wheel well opening. In my opinion, the fewer holes drilled in the wheel wells, the better. Any exposed, unpainted or drilled out metal will rust fast, especially if you drive on snow/salt covered roads or live in a humid environment.

I was lucky to have the Isuzu LS factory chrome wheel well trim with factory drilled and painted wheel well trim holes. I used these holes to mount the new flares to the truck . I also used the stock screws from the factory chrome trim to secure the fender flares. The only drilling was to the new flares in order to match the factory holes already in the wheel wells. This method worked really well for me, resulting in a nice tight fit. Another advantage to using the screws with factory holes is that the flares can be removed and reinstalled easily.

Whether you use the supplied pop-rivets and drill new holes or use existing factory holes to attach your flares, both methods seem to mount the fender flares very securely. If you do use the pop-rivets and drill holes in your truck, just be sure to apply a good coat of paint to the exposed metal.


  • Bushwhacker does not sell directly to the public, but Accessories Plus carries their line of products. Contact them at 1-800-729-4294.

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