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Laptop Mounting system

Jun. 01, 2006 By Mike Lyon

      Ram Mount makes durable and secure mounting systems for just about any device you can imagine. From cell phones, PDA's, GPS receivers, laptops, and even camera and fishing rod holders; Ram Mount covers them all. 

      We have been using Ram Mount products for many years with hand held GPS receivers. We use them on our ATV's handle bars and in our vehicles with their suction cup attachment mounted to the windshield. These mounts are American made, out of heavy duty plastic. They are designed to securely hold your device wherever needed.

       Ram Mount's broad product range covers just about any device made. We recently got one of their 'no drill' vehicle laptop mounts. We wanted our laptop securely mounted in our vehicle for use with our new Parrot hands free car kit and GPS system. Having a laptop in your vehicle has a wide range of uses including making your vehicle a mobile office.

      This laptop mounting system attaches to the front seat bolts of the passenger seat. No drilling required, simply loosen the seat bolts, slide the base plate in place and re-tighten the bolts. It's a good idea to assemble the rest of the stand before you install it into the vehicle. Once the base plate is mounted the rest of the system drops in, in no time at all.

      We also ordered the quick release attachment to allow us to easily remove everything from the vehicle without wrenches. The only thing left is the base plate. During use we found the quick release allows the laptop to sway or 'jiggle' too much for our liking. We removed this section of the mount. Even with it removed, it?s still easy to remove the mounting system from the vehicle with only the twist of a knob. The only thing left is the base plate and the first 12" section of the mount.

      The Ram Mount laptop mount is infinitely adjustable. With the twist of a knob it's easy to adjust height, position, and angle of the laptop. This is the same on all of Ram Mounts products. They are designed for ease of use with no tools required!


      The laptop base itself is made of 2 pieces that slide together with by using 2 springs. Simply spread the tray apart, place your laptop onto it, and allow the base to clamp shut onto the laptop. It's very safe for the laptop and very secure. On the back side of the laptop base we mounted a small accessory basket to hold cables and a power supply. On the basket is a laptop screen support arm which keeps the screen more secure on bumpy roads.





      We can?t say enough good things about Ram Mount products. As mentioned before they hold your expensive electronic devices in a safe and very secure manner. Ram Mounts wide range of adaptors allows them to be used in just about any vehicle, boat, motorcycle, and even air planes.

 Check out their products here:


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