Kaymar Tow Bumper - FJ60/62

Kaymar Tow Bumper - FJ60/62

Oct. 01, 2005 By Brian Guenzel
Supplier:  JT Outfitters
Part:         1305 Pre 85 Tow bumper w/left side pivot
                 1050 Left side wheel carrier
                 1320 License plate bracket
Cost:        $1038.00 (with shipping)The Kaymar bumper is actually distributed by Man-A-Fre.  It is a solid bumper which weighs about 100 pounds and the carrier is another 40 pounds.  It comes with a receiver hitch and 2 Hella turn/brake lights that mount flush within the bumper.  You will have to remove the riveted brackets attached to your frame and drill the holes out to 1/2".  Removal of the brackets can be time consuming. I used a Sawzall, a hammer, a screwdriver, and an 18-amp drill with a cobalt 1/2" bit.  There are probably better ways, but these are the tools I had to work with.

Installation Hints:  Remove the spare tire since it gives you more room to work with.  The Kaymar bumper is available without a tire carrier, but I don't think you'll be able to access the tire once the bumper is on. If you have to cut out the carrier, do it in sections and don't be gentle.  Use some cutting lube (or WD-40) to reduce friction and the breakage of blades.  Despite what the package says use 24 tpi blades.  Once you've cut the head off on one side of the rivet, use an old Philips screwdriver and a hammer to knock the rivets out!  After a thousand dollars you might just let someone else do it for you if you do not have an idea or tools to remove the brackets.  Best of luck to all!

Brian Guenzel

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