Calmini Shackle Reversal Kit

Nov. 01, 2005 By ORC STAFF

Want to run bigger tires? One of the best kits I have found to date is the Shackle Reversal Kit from Calmini Products Manufacturing. Combine this kit with 3" springs, lightly valved shocks and you are ready to bolt on a set of your favorite 31" tires. This kit is completely bolt on, there is no drilling or welding required*. The instructions provided are very straight-forward and easy to follow. This modification will give you a two-inch lift while maintaining stock castor angles.

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Pick a flat area to work. I was lucky enough to have the garage for this project. Starting with the front end, I covered all the nuts and bolts with a heavy coat of WD40 to break the rust. Then I broke the old hardware loose and removed the stock shackles.

Next comes the rear hanger. The old bolts sometime stick (rust weld) in the rear hanger--this can be a trouble spot. If they do stick, be prepared to spend some time working the bolt with rust penetrator and a wrench. I have had to cut the head and thread off the bolt, pull the spring and burn out the stock rubber bushing to finally remove the bolt. The kit comes with new urethane shackle bushings so this is a good time to update the rear springs frame bushings to urethane as well.

This kit has a brace that runs from one side of the frame to the other in the front. Put this in place, installing the bolts loosely. With the springs and shocks still bolted to the axle it will not be hard to move the springs into their new position on the front and rear mounting points. Torque all the fasteners to factory specifications.

The front is done, it's time to move the rear. This part of the kit is composed of longer rear shackles. They are very heavy duty, well manufactured and easy to install.

*The optional rear bump stops are weld-in.

Road Test

Now for the fun part?

I was out playing in the mud today. The front of the truck feels more stable. It does not seem to wander as it did with the stock set up.

This was my reason behind the purchase of the kit. I was concerned with the bump steer that can come from other types of lift and I also had terrible lane-to-lane wandering at highway speeds. I am very happy to say this shackle reversal kit works great. Jeeps have had this type of kit available for a long time. It is about time someone thought about one for the Suzuki. It is like driving a stock truck again. Only taller ; - )

We do not have the large rocks of the west. What we do have is sand and some really good forest runs. As the weather gets warmer and I have time to test this new suspension system I will continue to update this page.

The notes here are not meant to be considered complete. I have left some steps out. Please follow the factory instructions that are provided with the kit.

If you have any questions, email me.

--Larry Harris Newsletter
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