ReadyLift Hummer H3 Leveling Kit Review

Oct. 12, 2011 By Jaime Hernandez
Hummer H3 with 2.25-inch ReadyLift IFS torsion key leveling kit.

One of the fastest and most economical ways to lift your truck or SUV is by doing a leveling kit. Not only will it level out the factory “stink-bug” look, but it will also give you some additional clearance to fit larger off-road tires. 

ReadyLift is by far one of the most popular leveling kits on the market, and there’s a reason for it—leveling kits are their specialty. They make them all: leveling spacers, leveling torsion keys, and even complete leveling kits that include front and rear lift options.

These are factory torsion key, typical of GM IFS suspension.

We recently had the opportunity to try out a ReadyLift leveling kit on a Hummer H3.  This series of Hummer shares the same suspension platform as the Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon with independent front suspension (IFS). In order to lift the front suspension, a set of leveling torsion keys is required.

The same holds true for other torsion sprung vehicles, like earlier Ford F-150s, GM 4x4 Trucks & SUVs, Toyota 4x4s, and some Dodges.

We know some people simply turn up their factory torsion bars on IFS vehicles without the use of aftermarket leveling torsion keys. The problem with that is they are extremely bouncy, and ride is typically horrible off-road. Sure they get the added lift, but at what price? 
The ReadyLift 66-3070 torsion key set will lift a Hummer H3 up to 2.25 inches, allowing up to 35-inch tires.

The advantage to using leveling torsion keys from ReadyLift is they are specifically designed to provide up to a 2.25-inch lift without affecting the factory ride. They also are built better than the factory torsion keys—they are forged, making them 25 percent stronger.

In addition, ReadyLift has designing their torsion keys to grab the “flat” of the torsion bar for a tighter, sturdier fit. This special design allows for added lift via the torsion bars. 


It is recommended that a professional install these ReadyLift torsion keys, especially since the vehicle will require alignment after the desired height is achieved.

We sought the help of Off-Road Warehouse (ORW) to install the ReadyLift Hummer H3 leveling torsion keys. Doug Ebba, who has worked on some of our other off-road vehicles, has done many leveling kits and is well versed in their installation. ORW sells and installs the complete ReadyLift product line.

The following is an overview of what is involved when installing a ReadyLift front leveling kit.

After safely securing the vehicle, removing the front shocks is the first step. This can be done on the ground, but working on a lift is much nicer.

After the shock is removed, a shock stem spacer is added to allow for more down travel.  The factory shocks can be re-used, as the ReadyLift torsion keys do not require new shocks. Re-install the front shock absorber and torque to spec. Note: If your shocks have over 50,000 miles or are not handling well, this might also be a good time to replace them.

The next step is removing the stock torsion key. Air tools and safety gear make this process less painful.

The factory torsion keys are designated left and right; make sure to match up the new ReadyLift torsion key before installing on the torsion bar.

Doug at ORW likes to throw anti-seize on the bolts that fasten the torsion keys. It will make fine-tuning a lot easier, and any future adjustment a breeze.

Once everything is in place, the front wheel alignment is next. This was a little tricky and required some careful calculations. Apparently the Hummer H3 front suspension is not the friendliest when it comes to servicing. It took a while, but Doug and Jason were able to get it dialed-in. 


Well, the ReadyLift leveling kit does what it says; it certainly leveled the front of the Hummer H3. We lifted it the complete 2.25-inches.

On the road it drives fine, but off-road it is a bit more bouncy. It takes getting used to, but that’s the case with any lifted vehicle, especially one with torsion bars that have been cranked.

The higher you crack the suspension, the bouncier it’s going to get. If you’re more concerned with ride than height, keeping it somewhere between 1.5 and 2-inches is probably the optimal height. We’re planning on backing down on the height to see if we can get a smoother ride.

Overall, we think the ReadyLift leveling kit product is a great option for those looking to level their truck or SUV to fit larger tires or just to get rid of the front rake (a.k.a. “stink bug”). It’s safe, it’s easy and it’s economical.

ReadyLift Suspension Inc.

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