Jan. 01, 2004 By Desertbull

Broomfield, Colorado: Introduced to the off-road world in mid-2003, the EARTHROAMER XV-LT is the most technologically advanced expedition vehicle in the world. Built on the beefy FORD F-450 chassis and powered by the proven Power Stroke turbo-diesel engine, this combination provides everything the wildest adventure seeker could want in an off-road expedition machine.


ORC staffers had the opportunity to follow along over the past year as Earthroamer Founders, Michele Connolly and Bill Swails, worked feverishly to put the long awaited first EARTHROAMER XV-LT out for public consumption. And after hundreds of hours of tremendous effort, the first XV-LT rolled out of the shop and immediately onto the roads of America. It's been tested in extreme environments and has passed with flying colors. Sleek, comfortable and energy efficient, the XV-LT is the next generation of outdoor recreational vehicles.

Utilizing the most efficient products available in the world today, LLC has produced a magnificent off-road machine built to travel in comfort on the roughest roads and trails on planet Earth. Visit them at
Travel to the most remote regions of the wilderness and relax in the comfort of your own expedition vehicle. Complete with granite counter tops, refrigerator/freezer and spacious sleeping arrangements for four people. The Earthroamer XV-LT is full of style and practicality.
The interior is fitted with supple leather as only a land yacht would be. The laminate composite shell is stronger than any other expedition unit on the market, except for an M1 Abrams Tank. The cabover is streamlined using aerodynamic engineering and has held up to some serious off-road speed testing as conducted by T-Rex Engineering of Valley Center, California. Without incident the laminate composite shell has proven to handle the extreme.

For our first live look at the finished product we met up with the EARTHROAMER founder, Bill Swails, who had the XV-LT on display in Carlsbad, California at a CorporateJet Exhibition located at the Palomar Airport.

The exterior of the expedition vehicle is sleek and easy to maintain. As seen above, the full-size spare Goodyear M/TR tire is mounted inside the rear wall for easy access. The mounting system utilizes the stength in the rear wall, which is backed with Carbon Kevlar, one of the strongest and lightest materials available in the manufacturing market today.


Earthroamer XV-LT will be on display at the International Sportsman Exposition held at the Los Angeles County Fairgrounds in Pomona, California from January 8-12, 2004 - Visit Bill Swails and Michele Connolly for your personal tour of the Earthroamer XV-LT Expedition Vehicle.

And ORC staffers were not surprised by the attention to detail in this project. No doubt that this all-weather, four-season and all road 4x4 vehicle was built with the idea of land roving dirt eating yacht. Fitted with granite counter tops, a king-sized overcab bed, convection oven, refrigerator, air conditioner, LCD TV, marine grade electrical wiring and so much more, the XV-LT leads all off-road expedition vehicles as the benchmark of traveling in comfort in the most remote locations in the world.

Being able to self-extricate your vehicle from doom is one safeguard that off-road enthusiast do not take lightly. Earthroamer has worked closely with industry professionals to design this heavy-duty aluminum bumper backed by a 15,000 pound electric winch. Be adventureous and travel safe!!!
T-Rex Engineering provided the excellent suspension system on the Earthroamer XV-LT using only the best in the industry, King Shock technology. The remote reservoir shock is nitrogen charged and custom-valved for the XV-LT to provide the best riding expedition vehicle available.

So you ask why is the EARTHROAMER the best expedition vehicle in the market? Easy! Each custom built vehicle is fitted with compact, energy efficient, solar power systems that provide the highest degree of comfort while exploring the back country roads, trails and rocks that makes adventure travel just for some. The EARTHROAMER provides the utmost in comfort and security when traveling off-road in the backcountry. EARTHROAMER has utilized components that are second to none and have a proven track record of use in the harsh environments of the outdoor world. However, the EARTHROAMER XV-LT is not just for off-road travel. Whether you are traveling the Alaskan-Canadian Highway or heading to Florida for the winter, the EARTHROAMER XV-LT provides easy driving along the roads of America.

Travel in comfort as you live your dreams on the back roads of North America and more.

This luxury road yacht provides users with unprecedented versatility, style, quality, and ease of operation. Allowing you to explore freedom to go where ever you want, set up camp at any location. Whether you're prodding along the beaches in the heat of the Baja summer or the icy snow of the Yukon Territories, the EARTHROAMER XV-LT provides complete comfort from all weather conditions.

Available in several different configurations, Earthroamer offers a variety of upgrades in all areas of this expedition vehicle.

As ORC staffers entered the spacious cab of the XV-LT it was apparent that designer, Bill Swails, had created something special in this vehicle. Exquisite leather accents the interior cabinets and control panel to rival any RV ever manufactured. The structural design is one-of-a-kind. Manufactured from composite laminate and reinforced with carbon fiber, the cab provides a very roomy interior comfortable enough for a family of four to travel in exteme comfort or a pair of adventurers to live together on the road during extended travels. Newsletter
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