Andy Yates

Nov. 01, 2005 By ORC STAFF

yates6.jpg (32273 bytes)yates1.jpg (42834 bytes)This is our 1986 custom-built Samurai. My name is Andy Yates (Boogieman). My wife (Ricochet) and I spend all our time in the mud in one of our trucks. This is one of many Zukis from West Palm Beach, Florida, where my friends and I build 4x4 trucks for a hobby, then stick them in the mud every weekend.

yates7.jpg (26626 bytes)yates5.jpg (27399 bytes)The rig has a Toyota frame cut down to fit the Sammy body. I used Toyota running gear and seats out of a '96 Mustang. I guess there really isn't much Suzuki left but we love it.


  • 1994 4.3L V6 Vortec
  • Turbo 350 transmission
  • EZ lockers front & rear
  • 5.29 gears
  • 39.5" boggers
  • Toyota transfer case
  • B&M shifter
  • 14" wide weld wheels

--Andy Yates

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