Project Samurai

Nov. 01, 2005 By Larry Harris
What does it take to make a trail-worthy Samurai?

This question was recently presented to Steve Kramer of Calmini Products Manufacturing. His answer: Calmini is building a Samurai for serious white-knuckle off-road adventures. You are welcome to follow the build up and give first-hand coverage of the process. I gladly accepted.

Project Samurai was born! This is a start to finish build up using fully bolt on Calmini products. Project Samurai will be receiving a full host of upgrades.

First to be bolted on will be a shackle reverse kit giving the Samurai two inches of suspension lift.

Stock Samurai on the rampThe next upgrade will be a five inch combination lift. This kit includes three inch springs, shocks, longer brake lines, and a drop Pitman arm.

The lift installation will be followed by skid plates and axle trusses.

Body cosmetic protection for this rig will come from steel tube bumpers and rocker panels.

Assisting the steering will be a power steering kit and the new anti-bump-steer linkage kit. These Calmini exclusive kits will ensure the 31's being installed will turn with ease and track better on and off-road.

Samurai with two inches of liftThis Samurai will be a true four wheel drive. While the differentials are out for locker installation new, lower gear ratio ring and pinions will be installed. Adding a Rockcrawler transfer case gear reduction kit will give a 84% reduction in low range and 12% in high.

To improve exhaust performance a header and cat-back system will be installed. A full roof rack, driving lights, tow-bar and after market steering wheel will make the Samurai more fun to drive.

The first phase is complete. For more information select the Project Samurai installment from the list on the left. Newsletter
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