Kevin Rivers

Nov. 01, 2005 By ORC STAFF

River crossing

A gentle Sunday driveNot all Vitaras are tarmac bound! Since purchasing the my 4x4 from new I can honestly say I've spent a lot of time jet washing the underside to remove the good old Southern England cloggy soil.

Polishes up nicely The addition of a genuine Suzuki hard top has certainly enhanced the appearance, plus it also looks cool--much better than most after market models. As have the chrome star mod 8x15 wheels wrapped with Marshall Powerguard All Terrain tyres. These give it a sensible off-road capability and comfortable on-road driving. One day I intend to fit a power steering kit (not standard on the Sport).

Stuck in the snow The picture of me digging  out the rear of the car in the snow was because I was not looking where I was going while still laughing at the other stupid thing I had just done. The wife found this very hilarious anyway.

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