Project Rodeo Buildup History

Nov. 01, 2005 By Randy Burleson
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One Stock Truck

Fairly Stock-looking! This is one stock-looking Rodeo, almost baby fresh. It is a fully loaded Isuzu Rodeo S model, 4WD. It has Radiant Red paint and black trim. Note the black tail light and marker lamp trim. It came from the factory with these aluminum wheels and 31x10.50x15 tires.

Lift Me UP

Detailing the Body Now we're getting somewhere. Now the low-restriction exhaust has been installed, the 3" body lift, extended rear shackles, and increased front spring rate. Total lift is just under six inches, but it looks real crappy with stock tires.

Rolling Hard

Body Lifted Ok, this one was not cheap. Total package price was $1700 for 15x12.5 GW Prime 238s and 325/60 R15 BFG All Terrains. The truck does tend to rut a little more than before, which can make tracking a straight line difficult, but on the other hand - it floats over soft beach sand. It may be difficult to tell from the picture, but those tires are a whopping 14inches wide! They stick out about 4.5" on each side of the vehicle. These tires aren't any taller than stock, so I did not have to alter my gearing to correct for them. I have also noticed a drop in mileage. I seem to average about 16mpg in town.

Showing Off

At the Show 1st Place Winner This was the first show I entered with this truck. Besides detailing the frame, I added chrome door handles and tail lights, but didn't change that much else. It was still enough to get me a first place trophy. Not bad for a first time appearance. I've showed other trucks but this is the first time this Rodeo was shown.

Suspension Lifted

Suspension Lifted I saved for a year to get this one. I ordered a CALMINI 3 inch suspension lift and hi-flow air intake. Total price delivered was $1000.

You don't really believe that I would be satisfied with a rather generic, stock looking lift, do you? Since I seriously believe that this truck will be showed from time to time, I decided to take my new lift and air-intake to Pete's Plating and have them chrome every non-flexing piece ($300). The result is a high quality suspension lift that looks as good as it performs.

A couple extra's you may or may not notice: Chrome fender well trim, $70. No more pinstriping, and no more emblems (besides the front one).

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For more information on this well-built Rodeo, check out Dan's Rodeo page at Please mail Dan Evander if you want to discuss this Rodeo or its modifications. Newsletter
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