Project 3WD Amigo Spec. Sheet

Nov. 01, 2005 By Randy Burleson


3WD Amigo Spec. Sheet

  • 1992 Isuzu Amigo S
  • 2.6 liter stock engine
  • Stock Isuzu corporate 4:56:1 front and rear axles
  • ARB rear locker
  • Confer rear 2.5" tube rear bumper (doubles as air tank)
  • Confer rear 1.5" lift shackles
  • Custom built dash-controlled Firestone rear air bag lift
  • Custom 1" body lift
  • Front torsion bars cranked for lift
  • Stock droop snubbers cut down for additional wheel drop
  • Dash-mounted air guages for total air pressure and air bag air pressure
  • Dash-mounted Garmin GPS 45 receiver
  • President 2519 10 and 11 meter CB radio
  • Motorola cell phone
  • Fleetlight hardtop
  • 32x11.50x15: BFG MT
  • 15x10: American Racing Chrome wheels
  • Removable Warn M6000 winch
  • Explorer ProComp ES3000 shocks

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