Downey Products Introduces the Quick Flip Soft Tonneau Cover

Quick Flip by Downey Products

May. 09, 2006 By Press Release

LOGAN, Utah - Downey Products Inc. introduces the Quick Flip(tm) - a tri-fold soft tonneau cover that's as easy to operate as flip, clamp and go!
The Quick Flip can be opened in seconds by releasing two cam clamps mounted at the rear of the truck bed, sliding them away from the bed rails, then folding back the tonneau cover.   
"You're busy and you don't want to spend a lot of time attaching and removing your tonneau cover," said Robert Castle, executive vice president, sales and marketing, Global Accessories Inc.  "With Quick Flip, there's no worry about lining-up snaps, fumbling with buttons or stretching the cover to fit on cold days.  It's one of the most convenient soft tonneaus available."
Downey's new tri-fold tonneau comes pre-assembled and ready-to-install right out of the box in less than 5 minutes by simply aligning four cam clamps with the bed rails (two at the front of the bed, two at the rear), then locking the clamps.  No tools are required and there are no extra parts to keep track of.
Like other Downey soft tonneau covers, the Quick Flip is made of a tear-proof, UV-coated, tri-laminate, attractive black fabric that resists stretching and shrinking in extreme hot and cold weather conditions.  On the tonneau's underside are strong, pre-snapped, anodized bows that keep the cover centered and uniformly positioned on the truck bed.
Due to its top mount design, the Quick Flip offers all the benefits of a standard tonneau, including increased water resistance, improved vehicle gas mileage and enhanced cargo security.
Currently available for most Chevrolet/GMC, Dodge and Ford pickups, as well as the Toyota Tacoma and Nissan Titan Crew Cab and King Cab, the Quick Flip is backed by a limited lifetime warranty from Downey Products Inc.
For an application guide, or for more information, visit or call the company toll-free at 800.736.1610.
Downey Products Inc., which brought pickup truck tonneau covers to mainstream America more than 25 years ago, is located in Logan, Utah.  For more information, call 800.736.1610; fax 435.729.1298 or write to Downey Products at 80 W. 900 S., Logan, UT, 84323-3656. Newsletter
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