DOT approved street legal beadlocks

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Apr. 01, 2005 By ORC STAFF
Suzuki 4x4

Now Available from High Impact Wheels: High-end aluminum beadlocks based on the technology used in military hummer wheels. These beadlocks have officially passed DOT testing. They are a two piece design incorporating an internal locking system that effectively locks both the inner and outer bead of the tire. Not for the faint of heart, they are fairly expensive, and do not replace our line of steel competition rock crawling beadlockss. But if a DOT certified high end aluminum beadlock is something you have been loooking for, read on...

DOT Approved real aluminum beadlocks

For the more demanding deep-pocket crowd, these beadlocks are fully functional aluminum beadlock wheels engineered and manufactured by the same company that supplies the Hummer beadlocks to the US Military.  They are fully street legal, DOT certified solution in 52 states. 

The first size being offered is a 15x8 wheel with the Jeep Bolt pattern 5 on 4-1/2. Others will follow

How do they work?

They are a two piece wheel, which come complete with an engineered internal beadlock that safely and securely locks both the inner and outer beads of the tire.  Much the same principle as the Hummer military beadlocks, but no run-flat: They allow full air-down, without military run-flats limiting the squat.

These wheels require no specialized mounting equipment, and can be assembled with standard hand tools


So, you say they are top quality?

They are designed and manufactured by Hutchinson Wheel.. These are the first wheels Hutchinson has built for the recreational 4WD crowd. They are more accustomed to satisfying their military customers such as the US Army. We figure they can do the job.


Prices and Sizes available

Bolt Pattern
List Price
HI Direct
5 on 4-1/2

This 15x8 Jeep size is the only
size available at this time.
17x8.5 8lug expected in late
May. Others will follow.


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