LED Headlamp and Tent Heater Review

Making your nights a little brighter and warmer

Mar. 01, 2007 By Betty Coleman
Black Diamond LED Headlamp

We’ve all been there. You spend all day driving and then get to camp after dark. You find the group and pull into the spot. Now it’s time to set up camp. It’s not an uncommon scenario. Trying to set up a tent at night or backing that RV…where do you get light to see?

The 1 watt LED puts out some good light

A lantern doesn’t give light in the right area; a flashlight requires that third hand you always wish you had.

The answer is the Spot headlamp by Black Diamond. This headlamp combines a 1 Watt LED with 3 SuperBright LEDs. It’s adjustable so you can shine the light exactly where you need it.

This great little light only requires 3 AAA batteries, which are included and it’s lightweight so you don’t feel like you have the lantern on your head.
There are 4 settings with each mode: 3 different brightness settings and a strobe light. This is nice to be able to choose whether you want the brightest setting or not.

3 SuperBright LEDs save power and provide a wider beam at a closer range

There are so many uses for this little light. Just having it for the weekend off-road trips in itself will give you multiple opportunities to light up the night.

The LED lamp is not only good for setting up the tent, but because it’s hands-free, it’s perfect for working on your vehicle if you need to. Even during the day, the LED light is good to have if you need extra light up underneath the vehicle to check things out. I also use the light for everyday uses back home, like taking the dogs for a walk when it’s starting to get dark. Not only does it light my way, it also lets the cars know where I am.

It’s available at most outdoor stores for under $50 and is worth the small investment.


Heat Up the Night!

Coleman® BlackCat

Now the tent is all set up, but it’s cold out. Just like warming up your bed with the electric blanket at home on a cold winter night, now you can heat up your tent before going to bed.
The Coleman® BlackCat PerfecTemp Catalytic heater is the solution. This compact heater is flameless and runs on one 16.4 oz Coleman propane cylinder (not included).

The heater has an easy push button lighting system that is easy enough for anyone to start, including me. The adjustable heat setting makes it nice for you to choose whether you need to heat the tent, or just take the chill off.

Easy push button lighting system and heat level knob

We take the heater each time we go camping and I not only use it in the tent, it also works great at Glamis when sitting in the back of the truck at Oldsmobile Hill The heater isn’t just for camping. You can also use it for ice fishing, hunting trips, or even home emergencies. One propane cylinder will operate the heater up to 7 hours. For about $70, you can find the BlackCat at most outdoor retail stores.

The flameless Catalytic heater runs on one 16.4 oz Coleman propane cylinder

Being in the outdoors can be an adventure. Having an LED headlamp and Tent Heater can help make your adventures a little brighter and more comfortable. We have been using LED lamps for a few years now, and the Tent Heater has been with us for two seasons. I definitely recommend these items as a good addition to any outdoors men/woman’s collection.

-Betty Coleman


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