Installing Bushwacker Pocket Style Flares

Project 2002 GMC 2500HD

Aug. 01, 2006 By Dean Waters

The black OEM flares on our 2500HD just were not cutting it.The two tone color wasn't doing it for me and with the new Goodyear SilentArmour oversized tires I wanted a little extra coverage to protect the truck. We live on a gravel driveway and spend plenty of time off the blacktop. Bushwacker to the rescue.

Bushwacker is well known for their fender flares and I had previous experience with their products. Many years ago I had used the Bushwhacker Cutout style flares on a S-10 project. In this case I did not really need the cut-out style but I did like the Pocket look. Bushwacker has 4 versions of their fender flares with and option for most anybody.

  • You can get the basic OEM style flare if you need replacements or if your truck or suv came with no flares at all. These give you about 3/4" of tire coverage.
  • You can get the "Extend A Fender" version which offers you some extra coverage but without the pockets. Tire coverage is approximately 1.5".
  • You can get the pocket style giving you 2 " of tire coverage and the classic look but without drilling holes in your body.
  • You can go all out with the cut-out style flare which gives you 2.75" of extra tire coverage, extra tire clearance, and the pocket look.

My choice was the aggressive looking Pocket Style flare with 2" of tire coverage. The flares come in an OEM matte black finish that can be left as is or easily painted. I wanted them to match the truck so I checked the paint code, which can be found inside the glove box on the GMC HD trucks, and then had the flares painted to match. Note that you DO need to pre drill the flares for the stainless steel bolts. We did this prior to painting. A 5/16" drill bit is used with the indents showing the locations.


Remove the clips holding the OE flares on the truck. Then clean it up in preparation for the new Bushwacker flares.

Install the edge trim prior to installation. This fits between the body and the flare. Peel the backing away a little at a time as you work your way around the flare.

A pile of stainless steel bolts to install. Be careful to not over tighten these and crack your new paint.

Now your ready to install your flares. Simply put them in place then install the snaps in the factory holes. No holes to drill.

Even after being involved in the industry for more than 15 years it is hard to believe the difference a couple hours can make. The Bushwacker pocket style flares really transformed the look of our 2500 HD. The flares have given it a much more aggressive but clean look. And after putting several thousand miles on the road I can say they do an amazing job at keeping the side of the truck clean and free of rock chips.

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