Tech Inspection Pro Rock Competition Rock Crawling

Farmington, NM

Apr. 29, 2005 By Chris Geiger

April 30 - May 1 , 2005


Tech Inspection was held Noon to 5PM, Friday April 29 at American Car Care Center at 1606 East 20th Street, Farmington, NM. Mostly sunny skies are forecast for Saturday with a high of 65 degrees. Sunday's forecast includes a 30 percent chance of showers. Light winds are bringing a chill to the air so if your coming out to Choke Cherry canyon for the competition bring a jacket!

Hennery Gish, owner of Spring Valley 4X4 Motorsports built this Samurai for fun but today he takes it to the next level. This is the first time Hennery has entered a competition. This rig started life as a Samurai but much of the original body has been cut away. Power from the Buick V6 is run through a 4 to 1 Samurai transfer case and down to a pair of spooled Dana 44 axles. Good luck!

The SHE-J rig was really looking hot with a fresh paint job including a dazzling flame design on the hood. The paint on the hood has an incredible gloss to it and really stands out!

The rocks of Choke Cherry Canyon have been washed clean by mother nature. Heavy rains over the winter has removed much of the dust and rubber that settles on these rocks. Today we headed out to the competition area and as we pulled up we saw the result of the extra sticky rocks. This local boy was playing on the courses and while trying to climb one of the difficult section, his rear tires hooked up on the rocks and he fliped his rig hard onto it's hood. His crushed truck was removed with the help of a flat bed tow truck.

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