Saturday Coverage ProRock Competition

Cedar City, Utah

Jun. 24, 2005 By Chris Geiger

June 25-26 , 2005

By Chris & Jack Geiger


Unofficial Day One Scores  (as of 5:00 PM)

Driver Score Place
Cody Waggoner 138 1st
Jennifer Little 91 2nd
Troy Antill 70 3rd
Lance Clifford 67 4th
Zack Szczech 45 5th
Pepper 10 6th
Super Stock
Dean Bulloch 74 1st
Mike Bailey 38 2nd
Garrett Sisson 24 3rd
Matt Carson 12 4th
JP Offroad
Modified Stock
Buzz Bronsema 200 1st
Troy Bailey 192 2nd
Bob Roggy 162 3rd
Jody Everding 162 4th
Renee LeBaron 144 5th
James Andrus 107 6th
Meighan Laurie 93 7th
Eric Hackney 80 8th


The first of two days of competition is over and the scores have been tallied up. Currently Cody Waggoner is on top of the points in the Trophy class, 47 points ahead of number two Jennifer Little. Cody scored very well on courses one and two. Courses three and four were much harder for all the drivers, including Cody. With such a huge lead, it's very likily that Team Waggoner will take the Trophy home to it's sponsors Detroit Locker and PRP Seats.

Dean "Iceman" Bulloch and "Krazy" Karl Mumford of the "On Track Krawler Team" finished todays courses with a score of 74. That's 36 points a head of second place Mike Bailey. That's huge lead. I've seen Dean drive a lot of courses over the years but this was a first for me. I have never seen his rig break down. Suffering a broken link and shock, during the day. A few quick repairs and it's back to the rocks!

In the JP Offroad Modified stock class local driver Buzz Bronsema and spotter Shon Wilson came in and swooped up first like he owned the place. Buzz is the owner of the local Cedar City off road hangout "Above All Auto". He's no stranger to these rocks, after all he lives and works just minutes from the Three Peaks Recreation area so popular for competition. Just 8 points ahead of number two Troy Bailey.

Originally five courses were laid out for today's event but with a larger than expected turn out of drivers the 5th course for each class was not run. So each driver completed four courses during the day.

Team #31 Meighan Laurie experienced a tough time on the rocks. After sliding off course and into the jaws of a huge rock behind her, she eventually winched out, but not without giving it a fighting try. While not able to get out, she did manage to split a large section off of the rock off causing this photog to jump out of the way!

Team RawX driver Jody Everding ended the day sitting in 4th place with 162 points. Rolling over on the first course did not hurt his truck but did lead a dent in his score. Jody and his spotter, CTM's Jack Graef tried to right the rig but just could not get it back on it's wheels. One local fan named "Tiff" gets a personal autograph.

Garrett Sisson replaces a broken left front D60 outer stub shaft.


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