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Dec. 01, 2005 By ORC STAFF


Club Name: Brush Busters
Type of Club: Predominantly Jeeps although open to any 4WD vehicle. Guests welcome. Must be sponsored by club member for membership consideration. $10 application fee -$35 membership fee, most of which covers PNW4WDA dues.
Location: Portland, OR USA
Meetings are held: 2nd Thursday each month. Basement of Capone's Ristorante, Rt. 99 Tigard, OR
Contact: Brush Busters Phone: n/a - E-mail: brshbstr@rubicon.off-road.com
Contact: Matt O'Brien Phone: n/a - E-mail: tama@teleport.com
Club URL: http://www.off-road.com/~brshbstr
Submitted by: Matt O'Brien - tama@teleport.com

Club Name: Cascade Range Runners
Type of Club: Open to any 4x4 owner, alcohol and drug free. With strong family values.
Location: Redmond/Bend, OR USA
Meetings are held: Contact Troy Price for meeting date time and location.
Contact: Troy Price Phone: 541-548-2940 - E-mail: kc7lpp@empnet.com
Contact: Dale Gilbert Phone: 541-548-1604 - E-mail: kb7usd@prodigy.net
Club URL: (null)
Submitted by: Troy Price - kc7lpp@empnet.com

Club Name: Hill People Inc.
Type of Club: Land cruisers
Location: Eugene, OR USA
Meetings are held: Random
Contact: Kirk Lilyengren Phone: 541-485-8561 - E-mail: krl@efn.org
Contact: Any Lilyengren Family member Phone: 541-710-6886 - E-mail: null
Club URL: none yet
Submitted by: Kirk Lilyengren - krl@efn.org

Club Name: Junction City Jeepers
Type of Club: Club is open to all 4x4s.
Location: Junction City, OR USA
Meetings are held: Second Wednesday of every month at 7:30pm. 160 SW Kalmia Junction City, OR. behind Guaranty Chev.
Contact: Venessa Johnston  Phone: 541.689.5160 E-mail: fourbyfourfools@aol.com
Ron Myers Phone: 541.689.2870 E-mail: hitchNtow@aol.com
Club URL: (null)
Submitted by:
Scott Wamsley - 30Aug03

Club Name: Northwest Vintage Broncos
Type of Club: Early Broncos only (you dont need a truck to belong)
Location: Portland, OR, USA
Meetings are held: 1st Sunday of month, 7.00P.M. Location varies
Contact: Max Wood - Phone: 503-289-4049 - Email: ultimate@northwest.com
Club URL: ultimate@northwest.com

Club Name: Off Road Knights
Type of Club:
Open to all off-road vehicles. Dedicated to exploring Oregon's back country in a family-friendly atmosphere.
Springfield, Oregon
Meetings are held:
Richard "kahless" Albritton Phone: 541-606-3552 E-mail: richard.albritton@comcast.net
Club URL:
in progress
Submitted by:
Richard Albritton, Club President - richard.albritton@comcast.net - 7Sep03

Club Name: Oregon Bush Hackers
Type of Club: All vehicle 4WD Club. No meetings or dues. Only requirements are to own a legal, insured 4WD vehicle and have an active email account. All communication is done via email. Contact rogerc@teleport.com to join the mailing list.

Location: Portland, OR USA
Meetings are held: n/a
Contact: Roger Christal Phone: n/a - E-mail: rogerc@teleport.com
Contact: Matt O'Brien Phone: n/a - E-mail: tama@teleport.com
Club URL: http://www.europa.com/~bateman/obh
Submitted by: Matt O'Brien - tama@teleport.com

Club Name: Oregon's muddin 4 fun
Type of Club: 4wheel drive club, everyone is welcome to come out and join the fun.

Contact: Cameron Frier Phone: 503-774-3641 - E-mail: mudrunnin@aol.com
Club URL: N/A
Submitted by: Robin and Veronica Mays - rvc100@linkport.com

Club Name: the outlaw 4x4s
Type of Club: 4x4 97"max wheelbase. Must meet club requirements.
Location: Yakima Valley Washington state, OR USA
Meetings are held: Meetings are random.
Contact: Geoge Payn - Phone: (509)837-4336 - Email: jeepndan@NWinfo.net
Contact: Dan Clark - Phone: (509)248-4293 - Email: jeepndan@NWinfo.net
Club URL: (null)
Submitted by: Dan Clark - jeepndan@NWinfo.net

Club Name: Pacific Northwest Full-Size 4x4's
Type of Club: Full-Size Only 4x4 Truck Club
Location: Based in Pacific Northwest but WORLDWIDE
Meetings are held: quarterly
E-mail: blueknight@pnwfs4x4s.com
Club URL: http://pnwfs4x4s.com
Submitted by: President blueknight@pnwfs4x4s.com


Club Name: Raven Off-Road 4x4 Club   
Type of Club:
All 4WD welcome - we are NOT model / manuf.-specific club. Family friendly. Requirements: Attendance to club functions and meetings at least 3 times a year. Own a 4WD vehicle. Covering the Portland, Oregon / Vancouver, Washington Metro areas. Members of PNW4WDA.
Location: Gresham, Oregon
Meetings are held:
4th Saturday of every month - rotating locations
Johanna Ebert Phone: 503-680-9885 E-mail:  Ebert@RavenOff-Road.com
Eric Norman Phone: 360-225-4721 E-mail:  Erics4x4Shop@aol.com
Club URL:
Submitted by:
Johanna Ebert - Ebert@RavenOff-Road.com – 14Mar04


Club Name: Sand Fleas 4X4's
Type of Club: 4X4 / Off-road
Location: Gladstone, OR
Meetings are held: Third Friday Every Month (rotating locations)
Contact: Karen Fisher Phone: 503-655-1870 E-mail: motherfish@aol.com
Club URL:
Submitted by: Tami Burkert - webmaster@sandfleas4x4.org - 30Aug03

Club Name: X-treme off roaders
Type of Club: club is open to all levels of skills and 4 wheel drive vehicles.

Location: Winston, OR USA
Meetings are held: Meetings held 1st Saturday of every month at Myrtle Creek Police department
Contact: Virgle Osborne Phone: (541)679-8778 - E-mail: Virton@rosenet.net
Club URL: n/a
Submitted by: V. Osborne - virton@rosenet.net

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Type of Club:
Meetings are held:
Contact: Phone: E-mail:
Contact: Phone: E-mail:

Club URL:
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