IPF Jeep Wrangler JK Head Lamp Conversion Kit

Feb. 21, 2012 By Jaime Hernandez

Are you ready for more lighting power from your Jeep Wrangler JK? Then make room for IPF lights. Designed specifically for your Jeep Wrangler JK, IPF went to great lengths when designing a kit that would put out more light yet only use 55w to not over draw from the electrical system. 

Not drawing too much power from the system is crucial since newer Mopar vehicles have a built-in electrical safety feature that shuts off circuits if the computer determines there is too much electric power draw or short circuit. Too many re-sets and the computer will lock out, requiring a visit to the dealer.

We were anxious to try ARBs new line of IPF Jeep Wrangler JK Head Lamp Conversion Kits, so we ordered up a set.

Jeep Wrangler JK (2007-2012) Head Lamp Conversion Kit (920HJKK)

The IPF Jeep Wrangler JK Head Lamp Conversion Kit consists of two headlamps, complete with a wiring loom that snaps together to adapt from H13 to H4 bulbs, and a pair of IPF H412v 55/60 watt bulbs rated to put out 4400 Kelvins of light.

The following is an overview of what it takes to swap out your stock lights with aftermarket IPF performance lights.

The first step is removing the Jeep grill. There are six plastic pins clips along the top of the grill that require pulling with a flathead screwdriver.

The bottom of the grill is held in by pressure clips. To fully remove the grill, you will need to carefully wiggle from the top middle of the grill--but before that, the quarter lights need to twist off from the back.

Next is removing the factory headlamp housing. This is done by loosening four torx screws on the chrome bezel that holds the housing on the grill support. Once the bezel is off, the housing will be accessible.

Next is prepping your IPF Head Lamp housing with the IPF Super J Beam H4 Bulbs and adding adapter wiring to be able and run H4 bulbs with H13 plugs.

Apply some di-electric grease, provided by IPF, on the female side of headlight plug.

Snap into place the H13 to H4 wire adapter plug provided.

For reference, the H13 bulb is on the left, the new H4 bulb is on the right.  As you can see the plug style is much different and requires an adapter plug to work. The IPF H4 bulb is rated at 4400 Kelvins (K), where the stock bulb is about 3000K.

Carefully insert the IPF H4 bulb into the headlamp housing and secure with retainer clip.

Next, slip the waterproof rubber cover on the back of housing and then plug light bulb into wiring harness.

Place your IPF headlamp into the plastic light bracket on the Jeep. Make sure the “TOP” side is facing up. Using the fastening ring, place it over the IPF headlamp housing and pilot the screws onto the plastic light bracket before fully tightening. Align the housing and tighten the ring down.

Repeat the steps to install the IPF headlamp on the other side. Once you have completed both sides, test your lights to make sure everything works.

Usually no adjustment is needed to the headlamps, but if you do need to adjust your lights, there is only one adjustment screw to fiddle with.

After completing the IPF JK Head Lamp Conversion Kit installation, we took a spin to test out the new IPFs. We noticed a brighter and wider light pattern. It was literally a day and night difference in the Jeep Wrangler’s lighting.

The high beams were unreal. The light pattern and color of the IPF also works great off-road, with a much further reach than stock.

This simple upgrade yields big lighting power sure to impress even the most discriminant Jeep owner. The headlights are brighter, cover more ground and add safety to night driving. They also add great looks to the Jeep with a flatter headlight design, reminiscent of early Jeeps.

More info at http://www.arbusa.com/

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