The Rubicon Trail

Jun. 01, 1996 By ORC STAFF
The Rubicon Trail is located in Northern California near Lake Tahoe. The beginning of the trail is off Hwy 50 near Loon lake and ends on the back side of Lake Tahoe at Tahoma.

Most people start the Rubicon at Loon Lake but you can also begin at Wentworth Springs. Take the Ice House Road \Cyrstal Basin exit off Hwy 50 about 20 mi east of Placerville. Follow until approx 28 mi till see Loon Lake road which goes to the right. Follow another 4 mi till across second Dam. You are now at the start of the Rubicon.

This picture is in what is called the Little Sluice Box. It is a short section of trail that can be *very* difficult depending on the current state of the trail. Many people bypass this taking an easier route around.

This is a little farther along in the Little Sluice.

And a friends Wrangler following me through. Caution: Don't do this with a stock wrangler. This one has Dana 44's front and rear with 4:56 gears and ARB's. Newsletter
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