KDX 200

Nov. 01, 2005 By ORC STAFF
Kawasaki KDX 200: It keeps going and going and... Power: The ‘91 KDX 200 watercooled engine chugged strongly from the low-end and powered into a strong mid-range. It kept pulling right into a snappy top-end. The power was beginner and novice friendly, yet strong enough to keep experienced pilots entertained. Suspension: The plush forks and rear suspension absorbed small and medium hits extremely smoothly. When the bike was pushed, the suspension revealed its limits by bottoming out easily. Stiffer springs helped the problem. Handling: The KDX 200 turned well and was comfy at speed until the too soft suspension protested. However, the bikes good handling character soon disappeared when ridden at warp speeds. As mentioned, stiffer suspension springs helped. The KDX was a bit wide in the mid-section. Reliability: The Kawasaki was a reliable bike. Beware of holes rubbed in the air boot from the air box bolting. To keep costs down, the KDX did not come with neat items like an O-ring chain and long wearing sprockets. Odds & Ends: The KDX 200 has a tendency to overheat and boil radiator fluid. It's an outstanding trail/play bike that's easily modified to be competitive in enduro races.

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