1986 Kawasaki KX 125

Nov. 01, 2005 By ORC STAFF

The Green Machine gang produced a so called "works" bike in '86 that came with a "dynamite" engine, literally. It was the first Japanese MX bike that received front and rear disc brakes!

Power: The '86 KX 125 low-end power was weak. It would suddenly spew all its power to the rear wheel in the mid and upper RPM range. It was an expert/pro engine and less experienced riders had a hard time using the abrupt and narrow power range.

Suspension: The forks worked well on everything except choppy stuff. The rear suspension was completely redesigned. Despite the new design, the rear shock action was confused and it exhibited unpredictable and nasty hydraulic lock up during very crucial riding moments! In stock form, the shock was not valved properly.

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