Taddy Blazusiak Wins Fifth Consecutive FIM World SuperEnduro Title

Feb. 25, 2014 By Scott Rousseau, Photos by Jonty Edmunds/KTM Images
Taddy Blazusiak earned his fifth consecutive 2014 FIM SuperEnduro World Championship this past weekend in France.

Itís hard to argue that Red Bull KTMís Taddy Blazusiak isnít the best indoor enduro rider in the world. The Polish rider has proved it over and over again with multiple championship titles in AMA Endurocross, multiple X Games gold medals and a virtual deadlock on the FIM SuperEnduro World Championship. Last Saturday night at Parc Expo in Tours, France, Blazusiak claimed his fifth consecutive 2014 FIM SuperEnduro World Championship at the series finale.

Blazusiak came into the French finale only needing to score a handful of points to win the title. He knocked that off his checklist with a handy win in the first of three Premier Finals on the night, although it wasnít easy. Factory Husqvarna rider Mathias Bellino of France kept Blazusiak honest by leading the first six laps despite the fact that Bellino was unsure if he would even be able to compete due to tendonitis in his wrist. Blazusiak finally found a way past Bellino and went on to clinch the series title with a win.

Mathias Bellino fought off tendonitis in his wrist to earn a hard-fought podium at the SuperEnduro series finale. Photo Courtesy of Husqvarna

ďItís an amazing feeling to know that the titleís finally mine,Ē Blazusiak said after the race. ďIíve been in this situation many times before, so I really wanted to get a win in the first final so that I could enjoy the event. And that worked out. It took a while to get around Bellino, but once I was leading I knew the win was mine. Itís been a tough championship at times, but I feel like Iíve got back to my best and winning the championship with a win is great.Ē

Taddy Blazusiak (center) earned the FIM SuperEnduro World Championship title, while an injured Mathias Bellino (right) fought through the pain to earn his first SuperEnduro podium. Jonny Walker (left) followed up his runner-up finish at the Hellís Gate Hard Enduro to earn the win in the second Premier Final.

Bellinoís runner-up finish marked the first time that he has ever set foot on a FIM World SuperEnduro Championship podium.

ďItís been a really good night for me, especially as I was not sure if I could even race,Ē Bellino said. ďI had a problem with my wrist, so I have been taking some time off from riding, and wasnít sure how I would get on. But it worked out ok and after feeling good in practice I really started to enjoy myself. To finish third overall, which is my first ever SuperEnduro podium, is really special. I struggled a lot at the start of the series, but I have worked hard and improved. To finish third here in France at the final race is a really good way to end the championship.Ē

Just one week after his runner-up finish behind Husqvarna rider Graham Jarvis at the Hellís Gate Hard Enduro in Italy, KTMís Jonny Walker came to Tours and grabbed the win in the second Premier Final. Walker dogged leader Blazusiak for much of the race, and when the newly crowned five-time champion bobbled, Walker took over and claimed the win. Bellino made the Premier final but finished in seventh place.

Jonny Walker followed up his Hellís Gate runner-up finish with a win the second Premier Final.

That set up a shootout in the third Premier Final, and Blazusiak won it, holding off the determined Walker for the overall event win, with Bellino third.

In the Junior category, Swedenís Jesper Borjesson claimed his first ever SuperEnduro win on a Husqvarna after posting 1-6 results to put himself on the top step of the podium.

ďI can't really believe it,Ē Borjesson said. ďFor my first SuperEnduro podium to be a first place result is incredibleĖitís been an amazing night and a great end to the series. The first race went really well for me. I didn't make any mistakes and felt good. The second race with the reversed start wasnít great. I was riding well, but some mistakes costs me. Eventually things worked out perfectly, and I got the win.Ē

Sherco rider Emma Bristow enjoyed a start-to-finish victory in the Womenís Final, which had tremendous championship implications. Husqvarnaís Jane Daniels ran in second for much of the race and appeared to have the title clinched, only to bobble and drop to third. That result placed her in a tie with Bristow in the final series points standings, and Bristow claimed the 2014  Womenís SuperEnduro Championship by virtue of her better series finishes.

Five-time champ Taddy Blazusiak.
FIM SuperEnduro World Championship
Parc Expo
Tours, France
Results: February 23, 2014 (Roound 6 of 6)

Prestige Final 1

1. Taddy Blazusiak-KTM/6 min., 50.899 sec.
2. Mathias Bellino-Hus/6:57.077
3. Jonny Walker-KTM/7:06.070
4. David Knight-She/7:26.896
5. Dani Gibert-Gas Gas/7:32.480

Prestige Final 2
1. Jonny Walker-KTM/7 min., 05.511 sec.
2. Taddy Blazusiak-KTM/7:09.504
3. Alfredo Gomez-Hus/7:28.878
4. Joakim Ljunggren-Hus/7:30.624
5. Dani Gibert-Gas Gas/7:31.097
Prestige Final 3
1. Taddy Blazusiak-KTM/6 min., 50.855 sec.
2. Jonny Walker-KTM/6:58.090
3. Mathias Bellino-Hus/7:10.452
4. Alfredo Gomez/Husq-7:21.704
5. David Knight-She-7:23.890

Prestige Class Overall
1. Taddy Blazusiak-KTM
2. Jonny Walker-KTM
3. Mathias Bellino-Hus
4. Alfredo Gomez-Hus
5. David Knight-She
6. Dani Gibert-Gas Gas
7. Joakim Ljunggren-Hus
8. Paul Bolton-KTM
9. Xavi Leon-Hus
10. Giacomo Redondi-Bet

Junior Final 1
1. Jesper Borjesson-Hus/7 min., 15.210 sec.
2. Magnus Thor-Hus/7:23.434
3. Gethin Humphreys-She/7:27.607

Junior Final 2
1. Pawel Szymkowski-KTM 7 min., 28.088 sec.
2. Eloi Salsench-KTM/7:28.156
3. Owain Humphreys-She/7:32.227

Junior Overall
1. Jesper Borjesson-Hus
2. Magnus Thor-KTM
3. Pawel Szymkowski-KTM
4. Eloi Salsench-KTM
5. Owain Humphreys-She

Womenís Final/Overall
1. Emma Bristow-She/7 min., 18.985 sec.
2. Sandra Gomez-Hus/7:29.573
3. Jane Daniels-Hus/7:34.368

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