Product Review - Fastway FIT Handguard System - Damper Mount

Feb. 01, 2004 By Eric Tabb

There are many options when it comes time for shopping for handguards. Our local shop had initially supplied us with Enduro Engineering handguards when buying the 525 Project bike. So far these guards have held up fairly well to one big crash, a few washouts and many brush encounters. There are two gripes with the current guards, the first one being they rotated during the big crash causing damage to the throttle cables and scuffing up the master cylinder reservoirs. The second gripe is that the mounts on the handlebars take up valuable real estate for installing other accessories like a GPS mount, mirror or enduro computer.


The Fastway FIT system is one option we came across that offers great protection and style while keeping your handlebar space free for accessories. Unlike the majority of the handguards offered today the FIT system handguards mount to a special top handlebar clamp, thus preventing them from rotating in a crash. A standard top clamp is included as part of the system with an optional steering damper model available as well. This mounting method not only firmly anchors the guards but also frees up space on the bars for accessories.


Installing the FIT handguards was a breeze and far less time consuming than mounting traditional guards. We started by removing our old EE guards, our Scotts damper and the top handlebar clamp. Once removed the new Fastway top handlebar clamp is bolted into place. If your running a damper like we are make sure to specify that upon ordering so that you get the proper mount that fits into the new top clamp. This damper mount is adjustable and fits both Scotts and GPR stabilizers. After lining up the stabilizer and assuring the pin fits correctly we secured the damper mount and the Scotts.

Since we already had handguards we didn't have to trim the throttle tube or cut the ends of the grips for the guards to slide into the ends of the handlebars. Mounting the actual guards is as simple as sliding the handlebar end into place and bolting up the other side to the new top handlebar clamp bolthole. With both ends in place just tighten down the handlebar top clamp bolt and finish up with the bar end bolt then repeat for the other side handguard. Lastly, attach the optional deflectors to the predrilled and tapped holes (thank you Fastway!) and you're on your way.

 Last Corner

Stay tuned for actual ride testing reports in the near future after we have had a chance to bash them up a bit.

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