Project Lowbucks – Suzuki PE175, Part 2

Jun. 10, 2013 By Rick Sieman

Project Lowbucks Suzuki PE175, Part 2

After the rust was removed from the swingarm pivot bolt and greased lightly, it was reinserted back home with the swingarm in place.

The shocks were then bolted home. At this point, it started to look like a motorcycle.

Both wheels were then cleaned off with a good degreaser and a liberal blast of water. All spokes were checked for looseness.

Good tip: Use a piece of sandpaper to get any rust off the spokes that you might find. On most older bikes, you are going to find a little bit of surface rust which shouldn’t be a real problem.

After getting all the rest of the spokes, hit it with a protective clear paint to keep the rust from reappearing.

It’s a good thing we took the rear wheel apart, because here’s what greeted us: the shoes had come off of the backing and everything was coated in crud and rust.

Back to the old wire wheel again to get everything back to normal.

The brake shoes were glued back into place with a high-quality, heat-resistant epoxy. The metal parts were given a nice coat of paint and everything was reassembled into a fine working unit with just a little bit of grease on the rotating parts.

The rear wheel was slipped into place but not quite as easy as you might imagine. Trying to keep track of where all those spacers went drove us nuts.

We solved the problem by going to The Bike Bandit and getting a blowup of the rear wheel and all the places where everything went.

Success! With the rear wheel bolted home, we felt like some real progress had been made.

Next we took the triple clamps and got rid of all that lousy flat black paint, greased the bearings lightly and bolted it into the steering head.

The fork tubes were cleaned up completely. Luckily, the fork boots were intact and responded well to a little bit of cleaning.

Fork tubes were slipped home and the front wheel was ready to install.

A bit of paint and little bit of elbow grease had the wheel looking good. Newsletter
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