Project Lowbucks 78 YZ250: Paint, Plastic Restore and More

Oct. 17, 2014 By Rick Sieman and Wes Holmes

Project Lowbucks 78 YZ250 Continued


 We were now ready to bolt the front fender in place.

Small inserts line up the four holes for that fender in place.

With the paint on the gas tank all dried and ready to go, we installed the mounting bolts and inserted the gas petcock.

The front mounts were the first to get installed for the fuel tank.

While we were at it, the gas cap was seated home.

Completed job and amazingly enough the tank looks good.

While the saddle was in good shape, it was a little bit stiff. Therefore, we sprayed it with some leather and vinyl protectant and let it soak in a while.

The protectant did a good job in restoring the looks of the seat.

The reason we got that rear fender for $3 is because there was a small crack in the plastic, which we fixed by pop riveting a supportive piece in place.

A large clamp lined everything up to make the pop riveting go easier.

There you have it, one decent looking rear fender. Not too bad for three bucks and some homework.

At last, the bike is starting to look like the real thing. Newsletter
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