Project Lowbucks 3 – 1978 Yamaha YZ250E Part 2

Jun. 11, 2014 By Rick Sieman

Project Lowbucks: ’78 Yamaha YZ250E, Part 2

A simple thing like removing the shift lever requires that the foot peg must be removed first. 

The swing arm pivot bolt can now be loosened.

Same goes for the right side foot peg – it must be removed before the brake pedal can come off.

With the peg removed, the brake pedal is exposed.

Electrical wires can be disconnected at this point.

To get the clutch cable free, you must first remove a 10mm bolt from the top of the cases.

At this point, the cable can be slipped out of the clutch arm.

The motor mount bolt at the bottom of the cases can now be removed. As you can see, the bolt was quite rusty.

Engine out!

At this point, with the engine out, you can see that the bike frame is filthy. It’s going to take some major cleaning before the frame is painted.

The triple clamps must be removed.

The top clamp can be taken off once the 19mm center bolt is removed.

The bottom clamp and the stem are removed jointly.

The plastic shroud at the rear of the shock will slide off the back once the bolts are taken free.  

The swingarm is now free to be removed. 

Remember all those nuts and bolts we told you to put in a bag? Take a good look at our collection at this point. This is far and away one of the best things you can do when disassembling any dirt bike.

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