Husaberg Signs 8-Time National Enduro Champion Mike Lafferty

Oct. 05, 2009 By

Husaberg North America, a division of KTM Motorsports Inc, is honored to welcome distinguished, eight-time National Enduro Champion Mike Lafferty to the Husaberg Factory Race Team for the remainder of the 2009 and 2010 season.

Lafferty, with over 20 years race experience, is looking forward to a new challenge and racing aboard a new team. "I have thoroughly enjoyed the last 15 years of my professional race career and look forward to my new venture with Husaberg. I have enjoyed riding and learning the new bike. As Husaberg is a division of KTM, I have watched the bikes develop overt the years and feel that the current bike is difinitely capable of winning. I feel comfortable on the bike and look forward to a successful racing season."

"We couldn't have asked for a better rider to join the Husaberg Factory Team. Mike is an extremely talented rider welcomed on the track as much as he is off the track. He is great for our sport and will be a great asset to the Husaberg brand. We look forward to winning a championship wiht Mike," commend Husaberg Team Manager Antti Kallonen.

Lafferty's premier race on the Husaberg will take place October 11, 2009 in Wildwood NJ during the Thunder at the Beach motocross race near Lafferty's home town. Newsletter
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