Kawasaki Announces Updated 2014 KX85 and KX100 Dirt Bikes

Jul. 08, 2013 By Josh Burns, Photos Courtesy of Kawasaki

2014 Kawasaki KX100

2014 KX100

2014 Kawasaki KX100
Much like the KX85, the KX100 also receives updates to its powerplant for 2014. The 99cc liquid-cooled two-stroke engine produces almost 17 percent more peak power than the previous model, thanks in part to a revised Kawasaki Integrated Power-valve that increase midrange torque and top-end power.

The KX100's engine gets a 17 percent power increase compared to last year's model.

Also similar to the 85, the KX100 gets a new cylinder head gasket and gasket-retention dowel to increase reliability and reduce detonation. A new piston with a single-ring design reduces friction compared to the previous two-ring design, while the Nikasil coated cylinder of the engine features a new exhaust port to improve flow and power. A larger 83mm crankshaft is fitted to the KX100, as well as the addition of a resin block added to the gap around the machined area near the crank pin to reduce volume of the bottom-end to increase intake transfer for more power.

The fenders and number plate were redesigned on the KX85 (shown) and KX100 to more closely resemble the bigger KX dirt bikes in Kawasaki's lineup.
The KX100 also gets updates to the Kawasaki Integrated Power Valve System (KIPS) that feature independent valves for each port to replace the previous three-piece design to increase reliability. New jetting on the 28mm Keihin PWK carburetor helps optimize performance to match the updates to the engine. A new radiator, which is 2.6mm wider and 40mm taller, increase the cooling capacity on the KX100 by almost 52 percent.

The new swingarm finish on the KX85 and KX100 matches the big KXs, while a new Dunlop Geomax tire is employed for optimal grip.

The Uni-Trak rear suspension on the KX100 features a new KYB reservoir shock with a black-anodized body that is 150 grams lighter than the outgoing shock, while damping adjustment is easier to adjust due to the new clicker-type compression adjuster. The 36mm inverted cartridge fork features new shim-type valving that provides more precise damping control, including new firmer damping rates to improve bottoming resistance.

A larger radiator increases cooling capacity by almost 52 percent.

Stopping power is improved on the KX100 with the addition of petal-type brake rotors front (220mm) and rear (184mm). The front brake lines is rerouted to protect it from damage, while the direct upward line is designed to simplify brake-bleeding maintenance.

Slimmer radiator shrouds and side panels, a lower seat height and wider handlebars all contribute to improved ergonomics on the 2014 KX100.

The exterior is also updated on the KX100. Slimmer radiator shrouds and side panels help improve rider ergonomics. To also improve ergonomics, the handlebars are 24mm wider and 22mm taller. The new three-position handlebar riders offer positions of the standard setting, +5mm and +10mm, while the new two-position clamps allow adjustment from the standard setting to +10mm forward. The front and rear fenders and number plate are designed to match the styling of the larger big-boy KX bikes, while new wraparound fork guards help protect the inner fork tubes while also enhancing the styling of the KX100.

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Pricing has not yet been released by Kawasaki for the 2014 KX85 and KX100. For more information, visit http://www.kawasaki.com/.

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